4 Strategies to Create Viral TikTok Challenges

4 Strategies to Create Viral TikTok Challenges

TikTok has had dynamic growth in recent years. Believe it or not, everything can be posted on the TikTok platform, starting from the dance challenges to tutorials. It is totally a short-video creation platform, where all the users create videos with different styles and contents. If you make high-quality videos on the platform, any business or brand shall have rapid growth on the platform. But it is essential to try out unique content to have additional and fresh content. 

So, one of the unique contents you shall try out is TikTok challenges. When we say TikTok challenges, these are the cornerstones of TikTok, and the most popular was provided to these videos only. Many brands have increased their awareness through these challenges. Moreover, it is easy to captivate millions of audiences through these videos. Therefore, even brands can buy tiktok likes and uplift their online presence. Below is the article based on the complete breakdown of which TikTok challenges work and which do not. 

What Are TikTok Challenges?

TikTok challenges are campaigns where the brands or creators invite people to create videos based on particular tasks. The main motive for the challenges includes bringing to the world the talents of the audiences. It is more funny and entertaining too. Apart from that, the reasons behind creating the challenges include, 

  • To show off how to use a product 
  • Trying filter challenges 
  • Performing a dance or skit
  • The lip-syncing trend with popular TikTok sounds

In addition, for all these TikTok challenges, hashtags have been created. So it drives an organic engagement towards the brand. When the audience searches with hashtags on the search tab, they will find out similar videos with the hashtags. Many topmost brands, like Guac, have created the hashtag #guacdance, which has reached more audiences. 

Some Prevalent TikTok Hashtag Challenges

Below are some of the notable hashtag challenges that might be helpful for the start-up brand. Continue reading the article to learn in-depth ideas and process flow to create a viral TikTok challenge. 

  • The denim brand ‘Guess’ has created the #InmyDenim challenge. For this campaign, almost 5000+ user-generated content has been posted with this hashtag. It has nearly 10 million views in the initial stage. 
  • The brand wet ‘n’ wild has created the challenge #BiggerIsbetter where the brand made TikTok sounds that can be used in the videos to showcase the brand’s presence. It has almost 1.5 million short videos with this sound. 
  • #DoTheScottsSlide is a challenge that makes the creators recreate the dance outside their lawns has reached 2 billion views and 1.3 billion user videos in just two days. 

Types of TikTok Challenges

Only by knowing the types of TikTok challenges is it possible to create a viral one. Let’s have a quick look below. 

  • The brands typically create branded challenges. The main motive is to build brand awareness. 
  • Community challenges where it is organic will have a challenge like for a cause or answering some questions. It is general and needs to be more specific with the brands or businesses. 

Benefits of TikTok Challenges 

  • TikTok challenges will help to create user-generated content. For brands, it may increase their credibility and trust, thereby improving sales. 
  • It helps to make the audience showcase that there was a brand available under a specific niche. 
  • It makes the audience easily connect with the brand. With TikTok challenges, brands shall show their humanizing side. 
  • Establishing your brand’s personality and voice through TikTok challenges would be better. 
  • You have to capitalize on relevant TikTok trends. The challenges are the one that creates a trend. 

4 Tips for Creating Viral TikTok Challenges

1. Analyze the TikTok Challenges 

Before creating your own challenge, it is essential to check out the previous challenges on the platform. You might get an idea of how to proceed with the challenges. It is better to know your audience. Because they are the ones who the brand was targeting, and they are the ones who re-create it. So keep their perspectives of them in mind and try to create your own challenge. 

2. Choose a Great Hashtag

TikTok hashtags should be small and readable. If it is a hashtag challenge, it should include all the necessary information within 3 to 4 words. Remember, all your TikTok challenges should be brand and campaign specific. So ensure you use the right mix of hashtags. Hashtags are the one that helps with the discoverability of the profiles. Moreover, to increase the profile growth, you can try using Upviral and shall reap better results. 

3. Plan the TikTok Challenge Campaign

There should be a limited schedule to finish those TikTok challenges. If dragged for so many days, it isn’t worthwhile and will not deliver the desired results. So set a time and check on the metrics regularly. With TikTok insights, it would be possible to track the results. Once it is declining, then you should change the campaign goals immediately. 

4. Plan Your TikTok Challenge Content 

So, for example, if you plan to post continuous challenges for months, you have to curate the content beforehand. The content should make the audience participate in the challenges. So do not make complex dance moves; make them simple. The content should make the audience spend less money on recreating it. 

TikTok Challenge Promotion

Only the creation of TikTok challenges only will not bring out virality. It is necessary to promote it across various other social media channels. So you can better cross-promote the TikTok challenges on other platforms. You can try using Upviral, and it shall make your campaign go viral quickly. Before the promotion, set out definite goals. Clear rules will make the brand achieve its goals. 


TikTok is a young and budding platform. Here community building is accessible, and it offers authenticity. So brands should consider including the challenges in their strategies. To enhance the brand values, it is much more essential. So brands get involved and get more audience base in a quick time. If you think the article is worthy, then leave your comments below. Enjoy participating in the TikTok challenges. 

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