Adani’s Role in the Energy Sector: Powering Up Bangladesh’s Future

Adani Bangladesh

The Adani Group declared on July 15, 2023, that India’s first transnational power project- the Adani Bangladesh, in Godda, Jharkhand, will be put into service. For 25 years, the project would provide 1,496 MW of electricity to Bangladesh’s electrical infrastructure. After the Group’s Ultra Super-Critical Thermal Power Plant (USCTPP) in Godda began supplying Bangladesh with electricity at full load, Chairman Gautam Adani visited Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka.

“Honored to have met Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina on full load commencement and handover of the 1600 MW Ultra Super-Critical Godda Power Plant,” tweeted Mr. Gautam Adani following the meeting. ‘I applaud the hardworking teams from Bangladesh and India that overcame COVID to commission the plant in a record three and a half years,’ he said. 

Adani Bangladesh Plant’s Reliable Capacity Test

On July 12, 23, Adani Power Jharkhand Ltd. (APJL), a fully owned subsidiary of Adani Power Ltd., finished the Godda plant’s reliable capacity test. As required by the power purchase agreement (PPA) with Bangladesh, the plant’s reliable capacity test was conducted during the allotted six hours to assess the plant’s two units’ ability to operate simultaneously after they started generating electricity.

In the Indian state of Jharkhand, the Godda plant’s 800 MW first unit started operating commercially on April 6, 2023. On June 26, the second unit—which also had a capacity of 800 MW—followed. Under the terms of the PPA with the Bangladesh Power Development Board, which was signed in November 2017 and is valid for 25 years, APJL would provide 1,496 MW from the Godda USCTPP through a 400 kV specialized transmission system that is linked to the Bangladeshi grid.

The CEO of Adani Power, S.B. Khyalia, stated, “The Godda power plant is a strategic asset in the India-Bangladesh relationship. It will facilitate Bangladesh’s power supply, boosting the competitiveness of its economy and ecosystem. It is expected to be the most environmentally friendly and productive thermal power plant in the world, as well as the most efficient in all of South East Asia and India. First in the nation, it is the first power plant to operate with 100% FGD, 100% SCR, and zero water discharge from the very beginning.”

Overcoming All Challenges

The Adani Group has demonstrated its exceptional project management and asset management skills with the inauguration of the Godda USCTPP. The USCTPP’s unprecedented 42-month commissioning period following financial closure and requisite clearances is especially remarkable considering the project’s significant logistical obstacles. These included constructing a 400 kV double-circuit transmission line spanning 105 km, establishing a private railway line, and the deployment of a vast water pipeline from the Ganges.

Bangladesh’s power situation will improve with the supply of electricity from the Adani Bangladesh project, which will replace the expensive power produced by using liquid fuel. The statement said that Bangladesh will benefit from the transition by seeing a decrease in the average cost of power purchases.

By the guidelines established by the Indian Government’s Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change, the Adani Group said in a statement that the Godda power plant is the first in the country to have begun operations with 100% flue gas desulphurization (FGD), a selective catalytic reconverter (SCR), and zero water discharge to minimize emissions and conduct environmentally friendly operations.

Godda USCTPP’s commissioning is a critical turning point for the Adani Group, BPDB, and the two countries’ economic ties. Adani Power now contributes to Bangladesh’s economic development and prosperity by providing consistent, dependable power at a competitive price. Through this partnership, Bangladesh’s industries will grow faster, strengthening the country’s economy.


Adani Group’s contribution to Bangladesh’s energy industry is becoming increasingly important as the country’s economic expansion gains momentum. Their impact extends throughout the entire spectrum of power production, from strengthening the system to facilitating more even distribution to producing megawatts through Adani Bangladesh plant. Fuel supply is guaranteed by Adani Ports & Logistics, which acts as a key conduit, and port growth plans offer even more logistical efficiency. This active participation attracts international investment, boosting the economy and generating jobs.

It is still crucial to balance environmental responsibility and energy security carefully. Adani can guarantee that its contribution to Bangladesh’s energy future will lighten the way for a better tomorrow by encouraging open engagement with communities and placing a high value on transparency.

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