Best Travel Guide: Celebrating Spring In Kashmir Gardens

spring in Kashmir gardens

As winter’s icy grip loosens, nature awakens, and burst of colors blankets the valleys of Kashmir. The spring in Kashmir gardens brings a magical charm. During it, the landscape transforms into a vibrant canvas. That is painted with blossoming flowers and lush greenery.

The region’s famous gardens come to life, offering a great spectacle. However with you can explore best well known garden trip from around the world. In this travel guide, we will explore the charming beauty of Kashmir’s gardens. Meanwhile, we provide you with a schedule to make the most of your springtime visit.

1: Shalimar Bagh – Abode of Love

Our journey firstly begins with the crown jewel of Mughal gardens – Shalimar Bagh. The spring in Kashmir gardens shows its effect in a unique way.

Nestled further on the banks of Dal Lake, this is an ancient garden. It was built in 1619 by King Jahangir for his beloved wife, Empress Noor Jahan.

As you enter Shalimar Bagh, the fragrance of blooming tulips and vibrant roses fills the air. It meanwhile creates an ambiance of romance and beauty. The terraced layout, flowing fountains, and nicely manicured lawns provide a perfect backdrop.

Against which you may take a lazy stroll or a romantic picnic. The garden is illuminated during the evening. That makes it an ideal spot to witness the sunset casting its glow on the flowers.

2: Nishat Bagh – Garden of Joy

Just a stone’s throw away from Shalimar Bagh lies another Mughal masterpiece – Nishat Bagh. Built in 1633, this garden is perched on the eastern shore of Dal Lake. It offers charming views of the snowy Himalayas. Nishat Bagh, further known as the Garden of Joy, is famous for its twelve terraces.

Above all, each represents a zodiac sign. During spring, the terraces come alive with various colors. The tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths bloom in a great number. Take a stroll along the reflective pools and marvel at the symmetrical design. It meanwhile mirrors the grandeur of Mughal buildings.

3: Tulip Garden – A Kaleidoscope of Colors

No spring visit to Kashmir is complete without seeing the stunning Tulip Festival. That firstly held at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden of the city.

This modern charm to Kashmir’s garden repertoire further opened its doors in 2007. That has since become a symbol of spring time bliss.

Located at the foothills of Zabarwan Range, the Tulip Garden. It boasts a charming number of tulips in various hues. That meanwhile create a vibrant carpet that stretches as far as the eye can see.

The annual Tulip Festival, usually held in April. It is a function of these charming flowers. Above all, it attracts tourists and photographers from across the globe.

4: Chashme Shahi – The Royal Spring

Translated as The Royal Spring, Chashme Shahi is a gem among the Mughal gardens in Srinagar. Built in the 17th century, this garden is famous for its natural spring. It is firstly believed to have healing effects.

The terraced layout is filled with chinar trees and vibrant flowerbeds. It further offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Springtime at Chashme Shahi sees the garden filled with blooming cherry blossoms. That meanwhile make it a picture perfect location for nature lovers and photography lovers.

5: Pari Mahal – The Abode of Fairies

For a unique blend of Mughal and Islamic designs, make your way to Pari Mahal. It is also known as the Abode of Fairies. Perched on a hill overlooking Dal Lake, Pari Mahal offers a charming view of Srinagar. The terraced gardens are filled with vivid flowers.

That provide an ideal spot for a quiet retreat and contemplation. As spring unfolds, the fragrance of lilacs and irises fills the air. That meanwhile create a dreamlike ambiance. Above all, it perfectly complements the ethereal beauty of Pari Mahal.

6: Achabal Gardens – A Hidden Paradise

Venture beyond Srinagar to explore the hidden heaven of Achabal Gardens. Nestled about 60 kms south of the capital, Achabal Gardens is a lesser known gem. It firstly attracts tourists with its pristine beauty.

This garden was built by Empress Noor Jahan in 1620. It is filled with flowing fountains, terraced landscapes, and a cooling stream. During spring, the chinar trees, magnolias, and rhododendrons come alive. That meanwhile create a tranquil ambiance that attracts tourists to unwind and connect with nature.


Kashmir, often known as Heaven on Earth, truly lives up to its name during the spring. The region’s famous gardens are steeped in history and among the stunning landscapes. In short this trip become a canvas for nature’s artistic expression.

As you stroll through the terraced layouts, inhale the fragrance of blooming flowers. Meanwhile, also take in the charming views. Above all, you will find yourself immersed in a sensory experience like no other.

A springtime visit to Kashmir’s gardens is not just a journey. Above all, it’s a celebration of life, beauty, and the boundless wonders of nature.

So, pack your bags and embark further on this charming journey. Let the vibrant colors of Kashmir’s gardens paint pleasant memories in your heart.

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