BEXIMCO’s Textile Division Adopts Jeanologia’s Technology for Sustainable Fashion

BEXIMCO's Textile Division Adopts Jeanologia's Technology for Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion has become a growing need when the environment is affected by several challenges. Reputed conglomerates like BEXIMCO Group extensively understand the need for increased sustainability. For this purpose, the top Bangladeshi conglomerate has invested in technologies like Laundry 5.Zero. Developed by Jeanologia, this technology focuses on minimizing consequences that negatively impact the environment. It makes the functioning of textile industries more sustainable. Through this, the textile division of the Bangladeshi company has potentially benefitted in upholding the agenda of sustainable fashion and textiles. The technology excellently syncs with the agenda and helps the company to perform responsibly.

Introducing Sustainability through Laundry 5.Zero Technologies

Operating from 1994 onward, Jeanologia engages in the development of technologies that aim to transform the textile sector. Laundry 5.Zero is one of the technologies developed by the company. It functions through a plant that saves water while textiles are produced. This technology is utilized for garment finishing.

Considering the potential of Laundry 5.Zero technologies, BEXIMCO Group has invested in these for sustainable fashion. Being at the forefront when it comes to supporting sustainability, the conglomerate believes that such technologies help reduce unwanted elements that can harm the environment.

Reducing Harmful Elements during Garment Finishing

Laundry 5.Zero is a technology that limits water wastage while textiles are produced. It is useful even for reducing harmful elements in the garment finishing stage.

  • During this stage, the use of this technology can result in saving 85% of water.
  • It aims to ensure zero discharge.
  • Importantly, it produces zero pollution.

Harmful elements, when producing textiles, are reduced by Laundry 5.Zero through laser technologies. These technologies, inclusive of eFlow, Boxes, etc., have been developed by Jeanologia. Together, they are useful for the reduction of unwanted elements that can limit the sustainability to textile production.

Creating a New Normal for Upcoming Years

The top Bangladeshi conglomerate is observant of several environmental challenges occurring presently. It is also aware of the potential challenges that can hinder sustainability in the future. Realizing the repercussions of these, BEXIMCO Group adopts measures to create a new normal for the time to come. The Jeanologia technology aims to make fashion and textiles more sustainable and reduce these challenges.

Making Sustainable Washing Environment-Friendly

When producing textiles, processes that involve washing assume an important role. However, these processes can result in water wastage. Also, they can lead to unwanted discharge of elements that may not affect the produced goods but have negative effects on the environment.

To make washing processes sustainable, the technologies by Jeanologia have been invested in by BEXIMCO Group. Its textile division has made these processes sustainable by saving water and in other ways as well.

The Laundry 5.0 technology replaces elements that require the use of water, particularly for producing jeans. It replaces bleach with ozone. In place of chemicals, lasers are used. Using smart foam, the requirement for water is minimized.

Utilizing Minimum Fresh Water for Jeans Production

BEXIMCO Group’s textile division has reduced its usage of fresh water with Jeanologia’s technologies. The division uses nearly 1 liter of fresh water for each garment.

Earlier, the top Bangladeshi company required around 70 liters while producing textiles. Given the adoption of the Laundry 5.0 technology, it can save around 900 million gallons of water annually.

Ensuring Sustainability through Digital Washing Processes

In the opinion of the top Bangladeshi conglomerate BEXIMCO Group, washing processes can not only consume water but also produce harmful elements. In either case, sustainability can be ensured when both consequences are controlled. Since Laundry 5.Zero makes washing digital, and controlling these outcomes has been smoothly possible.

Beyond making washing digital, this technology helps the conglomerate to contribute to sustainability in the textile sector. The continued use of the same will enable reinforcing sustainability for the long term.

To Conclude

In the textile sector, various processes can impact the environment, assuming that their effects are not controlled. To seamlessly manage effects such as water wastage, Laundry 5.0 by Jeanologia is useful. With the adoption of this technology, BEXIMCO Group has limited these effects and made its textile production processes immensely sustainable.

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