Draping Memories: Saree Ideas to Shine Bright at Your Farewell Celebrations


The farewell is one of the momentous occasions and that time of your life when you are left guessing “Where did all those memorable times go”?  Well, you need to go around looking for sarees that should make you look gorgeous to add a glamorous touch to the last-day memories of college or school. Those joyous moments when you meet the most treasured companions are to be celebrated regally and what better than silk sarees to capture the vibe?

If you are feeling puzzled about what to wear for your farewell party, you might now know how to create the best saree look. Go for silk sarees online shopping to understand what styles and looks match the occasion of valediction. Typically, a farewell is a melancholic occasion, evoking a mixed bag of emotions. From the nostalgia of the past days to the exciting endeavours of future life lurking in your mind, you simply feel ecstatic.

Go for these saree ideas when bidding adieu to your friends and batch mates on the farewell occasion:

Understanding the Silk Varieties

The choice of saree is crucial when you are picking one for your farewell party. After all, there is no better way to look ravishing than putting on a stunning silk saree. When pervading the intricate world of sarees, don’t miss the charm of Bengal silk sarees in Kolkata as it makes for a perfect ensemble and lets you cherish the day of farewell. A bright yellow Bishnupur katan silk saree with hand batik all over can be the most suitable attire.

Colour Palette

The colour of the saree sets the tone for the farewell party. Well, a lot depends on whether the occasion is to be held in the day or night. For the daytime, you can pick the tie-and-dye katan silk sarees in softer shades or printed silk sarees that are vibrant yet sophisticated and add a touch of modernity and fineness to your look.  But for a party to be held at night, brighter and bolder shades in deep pink or black are timeless choices. Try to factor in the skin tone and your body type when picking a colour that resonates with the overall theme of the occasion. Explore the collections of a Kolkata saree boutique online before finalising the colour palette for one of the most joyous occasions.

Embroidery on Sarees

The beauty of a silk saree unravels when you pick one that has intricate embroidery details. Just decide whether you want light or heavy embroidery work. If you are looking for classic embroidery on silk fabrics, don’t miss the beauty of hand embroidery on Katan silk sarees. Don’t shy away from choosing vibrant colours for the evening occasion. As far as the design of the sarees is concerned, you can go for geometric patterns, floral prints, or abstract designs. Check silk sarees online in India with detailed embroidery on the pallu and border.

Choose the Right Accessories

A saree would not radiate an elegant look without accessories. For printed silk sarees online, you can choose simple and minimal pendants and earrings. For heavy silk sarees with embroideries and detailed work, you can pick minimally heavy jewellery and make sure it resonates with the saree well. You can’t miss the bag that matches your saree perfectly.

So, a small clutch or a potli bag would be a perfect accompaniment with silk sarees with hints of contrasting shades. Choose a traditional silk saree with matching jewellery to depict a classic look, which is ideal for one of those occasions that you will treasure for life. There is no denying that a silk saree is just right when you want to exude a graceful charm. Thanks to the rich texture of the fabric and elaborate designs.

Pure Silk Sarees

The smooth and soft texture and the bright sheen of a blue pure silk saree would bring you to the limelight on the day of the party. Not only is the look going to be mesmerising but it is easy and comfortable to drape. If the party is to be held in winter and at night, you can effortlessly flaunt dark and gorgeous shades. On the other hand, for your summertime party, you need to stick to softer shades.

Draping Styles

No matter how exquisite is your Murshidabad silk saree is, the draping technique says a lot about your sense of fashio? You can pick the traditional draping style like ‘Nivi’ or the modern draping ideas like Nivi ore the lehenga style. Make sure you are feeling comfortable with the technique you choose and carry yourself perfectly well in front of your long-time friends and colleagues.

Choosing the perfect silk saree for your farewell party requires you to be thoughtful as you bid adieu to your soulmates. As you pick your favourite silk saree for the occasion, you not only cater to the theme of the occasion but pay tribute to memories that have been built over the years. So, select a saree that matches your personality and gets clicked in one of the most memorable moments of your life.

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