6 Amazing Exterior Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

6 Amazing Exterior Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

You are aware of how tailored a custom home is to fit the needs and wants of every buyer. But customization should not stop in the interiors. Your home’s entryway or exterior is one of the first steps to getting the defined look. The first thing that visitors notice is the exterior of your home and not the interiors. So, you need to move through proper planning to ensure that your home’s exterior is impressive.

If you are looking for some kind of inspiration to get started, you may consult with Vancouver home builders. Planning for the exterior of your custom home can get stressful and daunting. So, you need to begin from scratch to ensure that you are ready to march ahead in the best direction.

Here are a few exterior design ideas you can explore for your dream home

Look for sustainable solutions

Modern day homebuyers are keen to implement sustainable solutions when it comes to home’s exteriors. Your home should have a sustainable environment in the surroundings and provide you with the benefits associated with them. If you are wondering how to create an eco-friendly environment in the exteriors, you need to connect with Vancouver builders for ideas that work.

Moreover, your home will last longer in a sustainable environment, free from frequent repairs and replacements. Apart from this, sustainable environments are less noisy and free from toxic emissions. Finally, you will enjoy an absolute win-win situation as far as energy efficiency is concerned.

Choose the exterior materials

Choosing from a wide range of exterior materials can be overwhelming for every buyer. You can pick from brick, stone, vinyl, aluminum, and wood. Brick is a common choice for many buyers who need to leverage low maintenance and cost. Moreover, it makes the exteriors simple and effective without going too over the top. For the siding, you can experiment with different materials like vinyl and wood. Don’t forget to make the details of the door, roof, and window panels attractive just like you do when designing the interiors.

Creating a luxurious feel

If you are already searching for designs of luxury custom homes Vancouver, you will come across excellent variations when designing the exteriors. Why don’t you go for an outdoor kitchen unit? Besides, you can create an incredible patio with a fire pit and arrange cane or wicker furniture to entertain your guests in the evening. That way, you can create good memories of your life and above all, enhance the value of your home.

Planting trees

If you are a nature person, you will have a lot of options to explore with trees and plants on the exterior. But don’t go on planting trees randomly. You need a proper landscaping structure with a blend of trees, hedges, and bushes. Do you have in mind a special theme like a natural garden?  You can also design small alleys and pathways within the garden to enjoy a nice evening walk. The garden in the exterior of your custom home will have a deep impact on the overall style or design. If you enjoy spending time with your loved ones in the exteriors of your home, a good option would be to coordinate with a builder and a landscaping expert to make it a perfect fit for your interiors.

Create a grand entryway

Making the entryway of your home impressive is no easy task. You need to discuss your plan with a custom home building company to know the how’s and why’s of your home’s entrance. To create a lasting impression on visitors, a statement entryway is essential but it also goes a long way in boosting the curb appeal of your home.

A bold colour on the front door or adding glass panels should make the entryway look pretty impressive. What about making the entrance green and merging it with an interior design that also talks about sustainability?

Enjoy the landscape

When building a custom home, you need to devote a lot of energy to designing the exteriors perfectly as it will define the structure of your home appropriately. Also, having a landscape in the surroundings improves the efficiency of the exteriors.

The exteriors of your custom home define its looks and make it a preferred destination. Make sure you plan with custom home builders to ensure it creates a perfect setup for your dream home and encourages sustainable living.

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