Fun Facts About Technology

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Technology has become an essential part of daily life. With it, humans have made centuries worth of advancements in just a few years. For example, the ability to video call a loved one regardless of the distance. And this isn’t even advanced technology. All you need is a device to call from and a stable internet connection, like that of Cox Internet bundles. There is so much to know about technology, it would take an entire lifetime to finish telling.   

Below is a compilation of fun facts about tech that you probably did not know of.  

Domain Names   

Before 1995, it was free to acquire a domain name. It was after this year that the US National Science Foundation allowed companies to charge when selling domains. The charge started at USD 100, however, now it is much more reasonable.   


Back in 2010, Pigeons were to compete with the internet to test speed. Turned out pigeons were faster. It took them only 60 minutes to deliver the USB and have the data downloaded. On the other hand, it took the internet 90 minutes to send and download the same data. The test proved that the internet was 30 minutes slower.   


Google was originally going to be named Googol: a name for a numeric, 10 to the power 100. However, because of a typo, the name was registered as Google. The founders liked the mistake and chose to carry on with it.   


In their warranty, Apple has prohibited smoking while using their devices. In case you take your device for repair in the warranty period, and they prove that you have been smoking with it, you will have to bear all the repair charges. Potentially a breach fee also.    

Degrees in Technology   

Interestingly, degrees in technology are irrelevant by the time students graduate. Technology advances at double the rate. The information you attain by the end of your degree is almost 6 years old in the tech world.   


Most devices are made of precious metals such as gold and silver. Sadly, when devices are discarded, these metals go with them. Recycling is still not advanced enough to separate these metals cost-effectively.   


Our reading speed is 10% slower when reading from a device, compared to reading directly from paper. This is mainly because of the multiple distractions that come with our devices. There still has been no development in the   


It has been judged that an average gamer by the age of 21 has likely spent around 5,000 hours just playing video games. That is equal to 208 days, which totals to almost 7 whole months. That makes a lot of screen time.  


Every conversation you’ve ever had with Alexa is stored in the cloud for eternity. This is mentioned in the Amazon contract; however, most people tend to overlook these details.  

Fastest Internet  

The fastest internet is said to be 17,800 times faster than the standard high-speed internet. It is said to download an entire library of media in only 1 second! The best internet speeds are said to be anywhere between 500 and 1000Mbps. This internet works at a speed of 178 terabits per second.  


For around 30% of divorces, the reason is Facebook. A major reason is partners tend to find a reason for starting an argument, or they find out that their partner is up to some questionable activity. Social media as a whole has made relationships a bit more complicated.   


Some of the biggest names in tech, like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, came out with hardly any budget and their garages.  


It has been noted that more people have access to a mobile phone than to a restroom. Out of the 8.1 billion people in the world, 7.33 billion own a mobile phone, while only 4.5 billion have restroom access.   


During the Apollo 11 mission, astronauts were not able to get life insurance as the risks were too high. No insurer was ready to take the risk. As a result, all astronauts signed a load of memorabilia like posters and images to be sold in case anything went wrong. This was for the financial safety of their respective families.

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