How much water should you have a day?

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How much water should you have a day

How much water do you drink daily? 

60 percent of the human body is water.

Water content varies from children to adults to the elderly. The maximum amount of water in the body is seen in infants and the minimum in elderly people. But on average, 60-70% of the human body consists of water. 

Water content varies with various factors such as age, sex, fat content, height, etc.

Fluid loss from the body could be a sensible or insensible loss.


How much water is needed per day? 

  • On average, 2.5-3.5 liters of water is needed per day.

  • There is sensible or insensible loss of fluid. 

  • Sensible loss of fluid includes loss of fluid from urination and defecation. 

  • Insensible loss of fluid includes loss of fluid from sweat and respiration. 

  • Loss of excess water causes dehydration.


Dehydration is seen during summer, after excess work, when water intake is less. Else water loss is a lot like frequent urination etc. To avoid dehydration during summer, drink a lot of water, as much as 4-5 liters. When urinating frequently, you must take water optimally in cases of urinary tract infections.  In winter, when an insensible loss like sweating is less, you can take less fluid but must take at least 2.5 liters of water per day. 


In medical situations like kidney problems like nephropathy, ascites (fluid collection in the peritoneum causing the stomach to swell), cardiomyopathy (where the heart cannot pump blood in the whole body), etc. In these situations, fluid intake is restricted to various degrees, as less as 500 ml per day. 


Men and women differ in their needs for water as per their body mass, fat content, and work type. Men require a little more fluid than women. 

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Benefits of adequate water intake

  • It keeps you well hydrated and makes your body function well. 

  • A significant source of vitamins and soluble minerals. 

  • A well-hydrated body keeps the brain active. 

  • Hydration makes skin glow and hair shine.

  • Hydration detoxifies the body and removes all the toxic contents of the body, like ammonia, via the kidney. 

  • It keeps the digestive system up to the mark. One glass of warm water in the morning helps in reducing gastritis. 

  • It helps in reducing weight and detoxifying the body. 

  • As per the rule of 8×8, if you take 8 glasses of water daily, 8 ounces per glass, a day keeps you well hydrated. However, one should take as many times as you feel thirsty. 

  • Other sources of fluid intake

  • It is a myth that coffee and tea don’t add to the body’s fluid. 

  • They add up to the fluid content of the body.

  • Coffee has some diuretic effects, but it also adds to body fluid. 

  • Fruits like oranges and watermelon contain a major amount of water as a constituent. They are good sources of water intake. 

  • Vegetables like cucumber and green salad have good sources of water and fiber, which keeps you hydrated and your digestive system good to go. 


Water, the body’s most important content, should be taken approximately 3-5 liters a day. There are many benefits of water, from maintaining good tummy health to good brain health as well.  Every function of the body depends upon water, be it energy from the food we eat to the toxic products via urine & sweat. Water is taken adequately to avoid a lot of healthy problems and also to treat dehydration.Your skin and hair will glow if you drink water properly. 

How many glasses of water do you take in a day? 


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