HP 17 Inch Laptop 17-cn2099nr (2023) Review: Powerful Performance and Sustainability

HP 17 Inch Laptop 17-cn2099nr (2023) Review

As a tech enthusiast, I’ve always been intrigued by the intersection of performance and sustainability in the world of laptops. Recently, I came across an interesting statistic that surprised me – did you know that the HP 17-cn2099nr (2023) 17 Inch Laptop is crafted with post-consumer recycled plastics and holds EPEAT Silver and ENERGY STAR certifications? This piqued my interest and led me to look into the features and performance of this laptop.

But what I found left me with some lingering questions, particularly around its battery life and the absence of a DVD port. Join me as I explore the intricacies of this laptop’s design and sustainability initiatives, and uncover its true power and potential.

Laptop Sustainability and Design

Crafted with sustainable, post-consumer recycled plastics, the HP 17-cn2099nr (2023) laptop boasts a comfortable, lifted keyboard design and is designed to meet both everyday needs and the environmental demands of the planet.

This commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of the laptop’s design. The use of recycled plastics not only reduces the environmental impact of production but also showcases HP’s dedication to responsible manufacturing practices.

The lifted keyboard design enhances user comfort during extended typing sessions, promoting better posture and reducing strain. Beyond meeting everyday needs, the 17-cn2099nr (2023)aligns with the growing global emphasis on eco-friendly technology. As a user, I appreciate knowing that my laptop not only fulfills my computing requirements but also contributes to a more sustainable future for our planet.

A Detailed Look

I found the features of HP’s 17-cn2099nrimpressive, as it boasts a range of performance-enhancing components and user-friendly functionalities.

The 12th Generation Intel Core i5-1235U processor enables seamless multitasking, while the 17.3-inch HD+ BrightView screen offers an expansive and vibrant display.

The 512 GB solid-state drive storage and 8 GB RAM memory provide ample space and speed for everyday use. And I like that the laptop’s Wi-Fi 6 technology ensures fast and reliable connectivity.

The inclusion of a 45 W Smart AC power adapter and fast charging capability further adds to its convenience. It’s also worth noting that the sustainability aspect of the laptop, with its use of post-consumer recycled plastics, contributes to its appeal. Price

Pros and Cons

When considering the 17-cn2099nr laptop, there are a blend of advantages and drawbacks that are crucial for potential buyers to weigh.


On the positive side, the laptop boasts a powerful 12th Generation Intel Core i5-1235U processor, providing excellent multitasking capabilities. The 17.3-inch HD+ BrightView screen offers a visually immersive experience and the option to upgrade RAM and storage is a definite plus. Another plus is the sustainable design that uses post-consumer recycled plastics aligns with eco-friendly preferences.


However, it’s important to note some drawbacks. The battery drains quickly during use, which may be a concern for those needing extended periods of unplugged use. The placement of the power button is inconvenient and the absence of a DVD port might be a downside for those reliant on physical media.

These factors should be carefully considered before making a purchase decision.


The HP 17-inch Laptop’s sustainable design and performance aspects warrant a comprehensive evaluation to gauge its overall value for potential buyers.

From a sustainability perspective, the use of post-consumer recycled plastics, EPEAT Silver registration and ENERGY STAR certification aligns with environmentally conscious choices. The laptop’s efficient energy consumption further contributes to its eco-friendly profile.

On the performance front, the 12th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, coupled with Wi-Fi 6 technology, delivers reliable multitasking capabilities. The spacious HD+ display, ample storage and fast charging capability enhance user experience.

While the laptop showcases commendable sustainability efforts and solid performance, individual preferences and specific usage scenarios will ultimately determine its suitability for prospective buyers.

The balance between sustainability and performance makes this laptop a compelling option for those seeking both environmental responsibility and efficient computing power.

Final Thoughts

The HP 17-inch Laptop offers a compelling blend of sustainability and performance, making it an attractive choice for environmentally conscious users seeking efficient computing power. Its use of sustainable, post-consumer recycled plastics, along with its EPEAT Silver registration and ENERGY STAR certification, demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility.

The 12th Generation Intel Core i5-1235U processor, speedy Wi-Fi 6 technology, and expansive 17.3-inch HD+ BrightView screen deliver impressive performance for everyday use. I’m also a fan of the fact that this laptop has the option to upgrade RAM and storage as this provides flexibility for future needs.

While there are some drawbacks such as quick battery drain and inconvenient power button placement, the overall positive customer feedback on screen size, resolution and the backlit keyboard, as well as its affordable price, make this laptop a strong contender in the market.iew Latest Price

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Specific Dimensions and Weight of the HP 17-cn2099nr (2023) ?

The HP 17-cn2099nr measures 15.78 x 10.16 x 0.92 inches and weighs 5.41 pounds. It’s lightweight and portable for everyday use.

Can the HP 17 Inch Laptop Be Easily Upgraded or Customized With Additional Hardware Components?

Yes, the HP 17-cn2099nr (2023)17 inch laptop can be easily upgraded with additional RAM and storage. It’s simple to access and replace these components, making it convenient for users to customize their laptop for their specific needs.

What Are the Specific Environmental Certifications and Standards That the HP 17 Inch Laptop Meets?

HP’s 17-cn2099nr (2023)meets EPEAT Silver and ENERGY STAR environmental certifications, highlighting its sustainable design. Its use of post-consumer recycled plastics showcases a commitment to environmental responsibility, aligning with industry standards.

Does the 17-cn2099nr (2023) Come With Any Pre-Installed Software or Special Features?

Yes, the HP 17 inch Laptop comes with pre-installed Windows 11 Home and features like speedy Wi-Fi 6 technology, an expansive 17.3-inch HD+ BrightView screen and a 512 GB solid-state drive storage.

Are There Any Available Accessories or Additional Peripherals That Are Specifically Designed to Complement the HP 17 Inch Laptop?

Yes, there are available accessories and peripherals that complement the HP 17 inch laptop. A docking station, external monitor, wireless mouse, chargers and laptop bag can enhance productivity and provide a seamless computing experience.

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