This is because there is no textile product that cannot be customized by screen printing and the results are always beyond expectations, because we go out of our way to make every product that leaves our workshop perfect. We at custom screen printing Dallas print and customize using the screen printing technique any item  : t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, blouses, hoodies, dresses, caps, aprons and uniforms or work clothes, bags or satchels and towels. Most of these can be found in the SHOP section of the menu, but if there is anything you have in mind that is not in our store, then you have to reach us and we will do our best to make you happy.


First of all, you should know that of all the personalization methods, screen printing has the lowest cost . And it keeps going down the bigger the quantity, so a fixed price is very hard to set in general. We need all the details for this because it depends on the number of colors, the size or the type of paint. But to give you an idea, for a normal logo, 10 x 10 centimeters, printed with plastisol or water-based ink, it costs only a few lei per piece . So send us an e-mail at or or contact us by phone and we will answer you immediately with a price offer.


As the most commonly used method of t-shirt printing, screen printing offers extremely many possibilities, mostly depending on the dye mix used. The most popular methods are personalization with water-based ink, discharge or combined water-based ink and plastisol. Below I’ve written a few lines for each type to give you an idea of ​​what your project might need.


Discharge is a process by which the original color of the t-shirt is removed and the natural color of the material remains, which is usually a very light shade of gray or yellowish. And that too in the shape of the desired design, which gives it an authentic and vintage look. But be careful because not all materials can be printed with this method, as a rule, only those made of one hundred percent cotton. It’s worth it, however, because the material on which the graphics are printed in this way regains its softness and you don’t feel anything to the touch.


Water-based ink printing is similar to discharge printing. But it is usually used for light-colored materials, because this type of dye sets and blends with that of the t-shirt it is applied to. Otherwise, on dark colors it has a washed out, vintage look, not as bright. The advantage of this process comes from the same aspect of how it feels in the hand. The customization is almost imperceptible to the touch, contains vivid colors and the life span exceeds that of the material.


This is a combination of the first two, which means that materials of all colors can be customized through this process. First the color of the t-shirt is removed, then the design is printed in exactly the same place. Likewise, it works best on 100% cotton items. It also works on blends but doesn’t give you the same vibrant colors. But it all depends on what you want the end result to look like, so communication is extremely important when using our services. Our specialists will guide you in choosing the most appropriate material and personalization method.


Plastisol is the most used method of personalization. The inks are thicker, harder and more opaque. Unlike the others, they remain almost entirely on the surface of the material, offering a soft and rubbery appearance, extremely vivid and bright colors, with exceptional resistance to washing. 

Using all these paints, we can customize any textile material with logos, designs and images containing a maximum of 6 colors.

Also, if you want to print complex designs, we can screen print IN CMYK SYSTEM (polychromy) – a technique by which the 4 ink colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) overlap and result in other colors. It is very important to know that a part (very small, almost imperceptible) of the details will be lost. The same will happen if you want HALFTONE prints (a small part of the details will disappear). When you look closely at the design, you will notice that it is re-designed from many, many points. The HALFTONEs are these points that vary in size, from which the design is composed. Again, it is recommended for photos and complex designs that contain complicated effects (shadows, watermarks, gradients, etc.).

Also, for those who care about the particularity and image of the brand, we can print colors according to the PANTONE CODE, this involves mixing some colors in exact amounts of ink, calculated using the Pantone System, thus obtaining the exact shade of color requested. The variety of each of these methods gives us the opportunity to silk-screen/print unusual effects, such as glitter, raised layers or using ink with different flavors, fluorescent or phosphorescent or in colors that reveal their beauty in heat or light.

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