Netgear EAX15 Setup

The Netgear EAX15 Wi-Fi range extender setup, make sure it is plugged into a power outlet that is within the range of your current Wi-Fi network. With the supplied information, join your device to the extender’s Wi-Fi network. Start a browser and navigate to “” Choose your home Wi-Fi network to connect to after following the on-screen steps to log in or establish a Netgear account. After entering the Wi-Fi password when requested, move the extender to get the best coverage. Your Wi-Fi coverage will be easily improved as the LED lights will indicate a successful connection.

How can I manually setup the Netgear EAX15 extender?

  • Connect the Netgear EAX15 extender by inserting it into a power outlet.
  • Connect your device to the extender’s Wi-Fi network using the provided credentials.
  • “” or “” should be entered as the IP address in an open web browser.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to log in or create a Netgear account.
  • Choose your home Wi-Fi network and enter the password when prompted.
  • Move the extension to a location with a strong signal and heed the instructions from the LED lights for optimal coverage.

How do I connect my WPS to my range extender?

  • Make sure the Netgear EAX15 extender is hooked in and switched on before turning it on.
  • The WPS button on an extension is often located on the front or side panel.
  • Once the WPS LED starts to blink, press and hold the extension’s WPS button.
  • To activate your primary Wi-Fi router, press the WPS button on it during the two-minute window.
  • When the WPS LED on the extender solidifies, it indicates that the connection was successful. Your devices can now connect to the wider Wi-Fi network.

Note:- If you need any assistance regarding your Netgear EAX15 wifi extender so contact our technician or visit the official website that is setup

Why can’t I log into my NETGEAR EAX15 extender?

  • Check to see if your device is connected to the Netgear EAX15 wifi. The network name and password will be listed on the extension’s label (SSID).
  • Open a web browser on the device that you are attached to.
  •  Input “” into your browser’s address bar and press Enter. The default IP address, “,” is an alternate that you can enter.
  • To log in, enter your default username and password. “password” is the customary password, and “admin” is typically the default username. If you have changed these, please use your special login information.
  • You can change and personalize your network extension preferences after logging in by going to the Netgear EAX15 extender settings.

How do I update my Netgear EAX15 extender firmware?

  • Check to see if your device is connected to the Netgear EAX15 wifi.
  • To access the web interface, open a web browser and type “” or the extender’s IP address (often “”) into the address bar.
  • In order to access the extender’s web interface, provide your username and password. If you haven’t set up customized login information, use the default username “admin” and password “password.”
  • Navigate to the “Administration” or “Settings” area to see whether there is a firmware update. Look for a “Firmware Update” or similar option. Click on it to view the available updates.
  • If a new version of the firmware is available, follow the on-screen instructions to start the update process. Should you allow the extension to complete its update, it may restart on

How do I reset my EAX15?

  • Find the reset button on the Netgear EAX15 extender. Typically, the device has a little button.
  • Check to see if the extension is enabled.
  • Press and hold the reset button with a paperclip or similar tool for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Release the reset button after you’ve held it for the designated period of time.
  • Allow the extension to reactivate. When the Power LED becomes solid again, the reset is complete.

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