Read Jujutsu Kaisen for essential insights before diving into Season 2.

Read Jujutsu Kaisen

Read Jujutsu Kaisen: Get ready for Jujutsu Kaisen season 2!

If we are talking about manga or the anime version, Jujutsu Kasien has been a fan favourite for quite a long time. Even though there is only one season on offer, Jujutsu Kaisen has been an extremely well-known name within the realm of anime and even became the top-selling manga in 2022. In all honesty, the title is deserved.

It’s been an extended time since the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen dropped, and the sequel is here after a long time. Despite our affection for the show, only some can recall the first season’s story from beginning to end. Therefore, prior to you plunge into the realm of Curses and Sorcerers again, here’s a comprehensive review of Jujutsu Kaisen season one.

Read Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji Consumes Sukuna’s Finger

Yuji Consumes Sukuna's Finger

Jujutsu Kaisen is the tale of a typical young and active young boy called Yuji Itadori. A few days later, he meets Megumi Fushiguro, a Jujutsu Sorcerer searching for the potent Cursed Object known as Ryomen Sukuna’s fingers. Yuji’s friends accidentally break the Cursed Object, attracting Curses to their place.


Yuji and Megumi join forces to fight against the Curses, but they are in a bind. In the midst of the moment, Yuji devours Sukuna’s finger and is then made the person who is Sukuna. After saving his buddies, Yuji faces a trial by the Jujutsu higher-ups, but is able to escape execution and becomes a pupil of Satoru Gojo, who is the most powerful Jujutsu Sorcerer. Yuji is then able to meet other sorcerers, such as Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki.

Read Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji Itadori’s fake death

Yuji Itadori's fake death

In the next chapter, Yuji and Nobara are sent on a quest to rid themselves of Curses in an abandoned building. Although they initially have a difficult time, they succeed in passing Gojo’s test by collaborating to save the child from the Curse. The three, comprised of Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara, begin their first mission as a team. However, they encounter a specific level of Cursed Spirit, which leads to Yuji Itadori’s death.


In the meantime, Megumi and Nobara train to get stronger, both of them terrified by the death of Yuji and the difficulties they face, while Satoru Gojo is getting ready for future battles. On the other side, Yuji, who is still alive and hiding, goes through secret training to manage his emotions and control his Cursed Energy. We then watch Gojo take on Jogo, a powerful Cursed Spirit, and learn about the terrifying techniques behind his gorgeous face. In the course of the battle, Gojo acts as Yuji’s mentor and overcomes one of the most powerful Curses without a sweat. The Kyoto school’s principal confronts Gojo and expresses his desire to alter the current order and make the Jujutsu Sorcerers to a higher level than ever before.

Incident At Kinema Cinema

Incident At Kinema Cinema

In the midst of horrific incident at Kinema Cinema, Junpei Yoshino, a student at Satozakura High School, becomes an eyewitness to the horrific loss of his peers at the murder of Mahito. However, Junpei forms an emotional bond with the cursed spirit rather than being afraid of him. In the meantime, Yuji Itadori, having completed his training with Gojo, is tasked with assisting Kento Nanami in investigating the murders at Kinema Cinema.


Yuji and Nanami take on a fight against the Curses and the Curses, in which both Sorcerers demonstrate their skill by defeating them. Nanami records the proof of the battle, which is then further studied by Doctor Shoko, who reveals that they aren’t Curses but rather ex-humans transformed through Cursed Energy.

Junpei’s Death

Junpei's Death

In the time, Mahito and Junpei become close, and the latter utilizes Junpei’s emotions and feelings against him. As the investigation progresses, Nanami decides to infiltrate Mahito’s hideout. A violent battle rages between Nanami and Mahito in which Mahito is able to transform the soul and heal itself, a process known as Idle Transfiguration. Mahito’s influence on Junpei increases to the point where Mahito manipulates the boy to get revenge on one of his classmates.


Before Junpei can take action, Yuji arrives and stops him, which leads to an argument between Yuji and Mahito. In the course of the battle, Junpei is transformed by Mahito, which irritates Yuji. Aided by Nanami, Yuji can nearly kill Mahito; however, he can escape at the last minute. However, the guilt of not being capable of saving Junpei’s brother and sister begins killing Yuji from the inside.

A Battle with Hanami

A Battle with Hanami

The Kyoto Goodwill Event finally begins, and Gojo surprises everyone by telling everyone that Yuji is alive. Kyoto Team receives orders to kill Yuji from Gokuganji, and Aoi refuses to participate in the plan. The friendly fight begins with Aoi facing Yuji. Yuji’s actions are awe-inspiring for Aoi, and they begin making a strong connection throughout the battle.


In the meantime, other members of the Kyoto Team try to take the fall of Yuji However, Aoi is adamant against his team members, fully aware of their dangerous strategy. The constant battle between them creates a bond between a teacher and a student as Aoi teaches and helps Yuji become a better sorcerer. The arrival of Hanami, who is a formidable Curse, interrupts the battle. This is an additional chance for the two best partners to bond, and the battle ends with Hanami’s demise at the Gojo’s Gojo. However, Mahito is able to escape, armed with taken Sukuna fingers and cursed objects.

Megumi using his Domain Expansion and Battle Death Paintings

Megumi using his Domain Expansion and Battle Death Paintings

Megumi using his Domain Expansion and Battle Death Paintings

Yuji and his team are assigned to investigate the mysterious deaths of a number of people and discover that all of the Cursed victims are unconscious under the Yasohachi Bridge. In this episode, we also meet Megumi’s younger sister, Tsumiki, for the first time. While investigating, they find an eerie mole-like Curse, and Megumi, fighting the formidable Curse, is able to break through his limitations and create his own Domain Expansion for the first time. Megumi then fights Finger Bearer, and despite the Curse’s immense potential, Megumi defeats it.


While they are in the process, Nobara and Yuji encounter the Death Paintings Eso and Kechizu, and the latter take Nobara hostage. However, through the combined efforts of Yuji and Nobara, they defeat their enemies. However, defeating the Death Painting is different than defeating Curses as they’re half human, half curses, which makes the decision to take them down regrettable for Yuji as well as Nobara.

This is the introduction of Choso, who realizes that Yuji and Nobara were the ones responsible for the deaths of his brothers Eso and Kechizu, which he then divulges to Mahito and Geto. Gojo is amazed by his pupils’ achievements, after which he recommends them for a higher grade.


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