Ron Kamonohashi anime review

Ron Kamonohashi anime review
Source - Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective (Image via Studio Diomede­a)

Deranged Detective Anime: First Impressions Does it merit watching?

Ron Kamonohashi anime review

Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective anime has begun its season with an entertaining first episode. The fall 2023 season includes anime, including Undead Unluck, Pluto, and Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. In all of these shows, is Deranged Detective worth your time? To find out, here’s a thorough review of the pilot episode based on the initial thoughts from Deranged Detective.

Deranged Detective anime Does it merit watching?

Ron Kamonohashi Review – Story

Ron Kamonohashi Review - Story
Source - Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective (Image via Studio Diomede­a)

Ron Kamonohashi is a detective with a fatal flaw(fatal for other detectives). Although he enjoys investigating mysteries, this defect has prevented him from working on further cases. Totomaru Isshiki is committed to his job as a detective, but his skills do not justify his passion. Based on the advice of an older He asks Ron to help him. Both turn out to be the perfect pair for one another. They begin working together, Ron resolves the issue, and Totomaru accepts the credit.


Deranged Detective is classified as a crime-mystery series, but there’s plenty of comedy. This is a particularity to the initial impressions of the show. There’s also a touch of the supernatural, which we can be aware of. This show is a deck of its decks, and the plot is generic. However, it gives people who love the detective subgenre what they could seek.


The animation is excellent, but nothing exceptional, but it’s way above average. The motions are fluid. In the same way, the music is familiar. It complements the visuals. There’s also a noticeable distinction between the first episode and the trailer in terms of visuals; the trailer looks much darker and even more so. The anime could evolve to become more severe and keep up with the themes of mystery and crime.

Ron Kamonohashi – Characters

Ron Kamonohashi - Characters
Source - Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective (Image via Studio Diomede­a)

Akira Amano, the mangaka of Deranged Detective, was also responsible for design concepts for Psycho-Pass characters and the forthcoming Suicide Squad Isekai anime. The characters perform their appearances. Ron is a stylish character; however, he’s a bit messy. The same characteristics are reflected in his character. He’s a sexy and intimidating character but also extremely chaotic and messy. In terms of his abilities as a detective, they are the best.


Totomaru is a shy, honest man. He is a good match for Ron’s behaviour. He is a stark contrast to Ron’s attributes. His character has to be developed more, or he has the potential to be boring. Together, they’re fun. However, they are nothing you’ve ever seen before. They’re a great couple who will keep you entertained with their chatter.

Ron Kamonohashi Anime Review – Conclusion Is it worth the time to watch?

Ron Kamonohashi Anime Review - Conclusion

If you’re a fan of Detective shows or love the exchanges between two characters while solving cases, the anime series Deranged Detective is worth watching. The first episode will keep your attention, but it doesn’t leave you wondering what’s to come next. It’s a great show to laugh at.

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