The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are the primary aspects of a cooking space. It’s largely because of the impact they can have on the overall aesthetics of the architectural design of a kitchen. These days homeowners are choosing cherry wood cabinets due to the depth they offer to the space.

Cherry wood kitchen cabinets made of natural cherry wood are extremely popular and a tad more expensive than engineered wood. But if you are considering installing them in the cooking space, you need to consider their pros and cons.

Advantages of Cherry Wood Cabinets

Here are a few reasons why natural cherry kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice of cabinetry.

a. Guaranteed Strength and Durability

Cherry wood cabinets are popular for their stability and durability. These kitchen cabinets can last for decades or even more. The wear and tear of resistance are unrivaled by all other wooden kitchen cabinets.

Unlike other materials, cherry wood is easier to repair. If the surface gets scratched, you can easily patch them up and conceal them with the help of wood filler wax. Also, they are also available in different finishes and styles.

b. Easy to Maintain

Dark cherry kitchen cabinets are particularly easier to clean and maintain, unlike other materials. Based on the taste of the owners, they can be re-stained, re-painted, or re-finished that is not quite common among other cabinet materials. scratches on the cabinets can easily be repaired by sanding.

c. Increases Home Value

Solid cherry wood cabinets have a higher resale value that is retained if maintained properly. But this can’t be said about other inexpensive and trendy materials out there that lose value as time goes by.

In case in the future, if you plan on selling your home, it is something you need to consider when you decide on a certain type of cabinet.

d. Beautiful and Luxurious

In case you want to improve the level of sophistication in your kitchen, a good way to do that is by installing dark cherry preassembled or RTA kitchen cabinets. this will give the space a welcoming and warm feel.

It feels like you are being enveloped by quality. Cherry wood cabinets are beautiful and offer a timeless, natural, and classic feel to any kitchen space.

e. Easier to Paint

The solid wood cabinets’ durable and smooth surfaces make them exceptionally easy to stain and paint, allowing them to effortlessly integrate into any kitchen aesthetic. Painting kitchen cabinets involves more than simply applying paint; it requires careful attention to detail and a thoughtful approach to enhance the wood’s appearance.

Disadvantages of Cherry Wood Cabinets

Take a look at some of the drawbacks of cherry wood preassembled or RTA cabinet sets.

a. Relatively Expensive

Cherry wood cabinets can cost a tad more than other types of cabinet-making materials. They cost more than other materials because of their customizability, durability, and high quality. Hence, they are the ideal fit for your luxurious homes.

b. Prone to Water Damage

It is a common phenomenon that wood is sensitive to moisture. Moreover, the moisture content present in wood tends to contract and expand after climate change. This can cause the cabinets to warp over time.

But you can prevent this easily by using premium quality veneer laminate or coating on all sides of the cabinets.

c. Susceptible to Termite Infestation

Solid wood cabinets are prone to termite infestation due to the natural attraction of termites to wooden surfaces. Fortunately, you can safeguard your kitchen by opting for a termite bond.

If you observe any signs of termites in your vicinity, promptly contact your local pest control company for immediate assistance in addressing the issue.

Cherry wood cabinets are not just beautiful but exude an organic and warm feel capable of transforming the look of any cooking space.

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