TheOneSpy Android Spying To Control Kids Addiction During Holidays

If you ask any minor or teenager to make a list of important things or stuff in their life, chances are that their cell phone will make it to the list before you. Well, this is the reality of today’s life. Kids love their gadgets more than anything and are addicted to them as well. Now, there is no need to take things personally. It is how simple things are these days. The kids have their priorities, and social media apps, smart gadgets, etc, make it to the list before the things that actually matter.

All you can do is keep an eye on those priorities and try to keep things under control. No doubt, it is one difficult task to keep things under control when there are teenagers and smart gadgets involved.

Android Spying Helps to Control Kids Phone Addiction

Especially during the Christmas holidays, they will have more free time to spend on screens, which will ultimately make things difficult for parents.

How to handle this delicate matter. Well, for starters, try to minimize your own screen time to set an example for the kids. Second, get a monitoring tool like TheOneSpy app and use it as parental control. TheOneSpy makes Android spying easy and can help in controlling the crazy addiction to screens among teenagers. Here is how you can do that, by simply installing the app on the kid’s device.

Listen To Real Time Talk:

Teenagers are always busy on their phones. Most of the time, it is a voice or video call. The TheOneSpy app offers a call log and call monitoring feature that lets the user know about the call details right away. Know who is talking to and get insights about the topic of conversation with the call recording feature. You can know if they are talking to any stranger or friend right away by using this feature.

Have Gallery Access:

Kids save content they like on their cell phones most of the time. With the parental control app, it is very possible to have remote access to the kid’s gallery. The app offers a feature that lets the parents know what type of videos or images are saved on the device. This type of content tells a lot of things about kids’ overall interests, hobbies, and addictions. Please make sure they are on the good company both online and offline and find out about any unethical or triggering stuff saved on the gadget right on time.

Get Control of the Camera By Android Spying:

What if I tell you that you can remotely control the teen camera at any given time and use it however you want? The app offers a camera bug feature that gives control of the rear and front cameras of the target device. You can know about the kid’s surroundings, what kind of places they visit frequently and about their company as well.

Get Insights About Whereabouts:

The best mobile tracker app offers remote access to the real-time location of the kids with a GPS location tracking feature. Parents can know about the kids’ whereabouts and movements shortly as well by using this tool. Find out if they are visiting any weird place or abandoned building more frequently by using the location tracking feature.

Keeping An Eye On Browsing History:

Keep an eye on the browsing history of the kid and know if they are getting addicted to any violent game or video or any type of content. With the internet tracking feature, it is very easy and simple. Get the app, and it will notify you about all the browsing history details of the kids with the date and time information. So, if they are spending late night hours on Netflix, the app will let you know right away.

Listen to Surroundings:

Besides the camera bug, there is another interesting feature offered by the app that allows the parent to listen to the kids’ surroundings. The app offers a mic bug feature that can be used for this purpose. Parents can know about any bad company or chat history details with the mic bug feature, as it reports any discussion without any filter.

Know The Time Spent on Screen:

The screen rescinds feature records all the screen activities with date and time information. Thus, parents can easily know how much time, on average, is spent on screen by the kid.


It isn’t easy to keep kids busy with fun activities all the time during holidays. Still, parents can keep an eye on the overall gadget activities of the kids by using tools like TheOneSpy app.

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