Why Custom Cereal Boxes Are In Fashion These Days?

Why Custom Cereal Boxes Are In Fashion These Days?

Children love to eat cereal but always want a fun cereal box on the kitchen counter. Custom cereal boxes are used by many brands these days. A retail shop is filled with various personalised cereal box types, and for all the better reasons.

Customisation helps in achieving a lot of goals under one umbrella. If you cannot figure out why your cereal boxes are not doing good business, you might need to stop packaging them in the usual boring boxes.

This is time for a glow-up, and you will get why you should also switch to customise cereal boxes. Following are some of the essential benefits of using custom cereal boxes:

  • Provides Better Protection
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Helps In Building Brand Awareness
  • Gets More Attention
  • Helps With Repeated Purchases
  • Merges Functionality With Practicality
  • Liberty For Sustainability
  • Helps In Saving Money

Provides Better Protection

Cereal packaging ensures cereal safety of cereal but have you ever wondered whether choosing customisation might give you the liberty to choose the box type? You can choose many types once you decide to use personalise cereal boxes. When purchasing whatever box is available in the market, you limit yourself to just one type.

But when you move to customisation, you know you can look at better and more affordable options.

Common cereal box types are paperboard, cardboard, or kraft boxes. If you previously used paperboard, maybe this is time to switch to a better-performing box, right? Paperboard is an excellent sustainable, affordable option, but do you know that better-performing boxes are out there? Like cardboard or kraft. Both are equally sustainable because they are made from natural raw materials.

But they provide better strength because they use the wood pulp in their manufacturing and not only recycled paper. 

Using kraft boxes or cardboard will help better protect your cereal packaging boxes. Whether a mini cereal box or a big one, these boxes assure you that your cereal will be safe from external damage. These boxes are not easy to crush and can resist water more than paperboard.

If you look more, you may also find corrugated cardboard that has some added benefits up its sleeve. Corrugated cardboard has an extra protective corrugated flute that helps better protect the product.

Three general types depending on the cardboard sheets and the flutes used. The single wall has one flute sheet and two cardboard sheets, and the triple wall has three flute sheets with six cardboard sheets providing optimum protection.

These corrugated cardboards are better performing packaging types because water takes a lot of time to reach the cereal. They also cannot be damaged or dented very quickly and can easily be stacked on top of one another without any damage. These boxes are also affordable and sustainable, so they are very reasonable options to consider for your custom cereal boxes.

If you want your cereal to be protected more, we might suggest you switch to kraft or cardboard boxes.

Better Customer Experience

Customisation calls for a better customer experience for many reasons. Customers usually look for packaging that serves the aesthetics while ensuring the product’s protection. A customer is likelier to buy a cereal box with better colours and prints than one with mere finishing.

If you genuinely want customer engagement, you must try custom cereal boxes for once. It helps in targeting a specific audience as well. For instance, if you want to target children through your cereal boxes, a better option is to use fictional characters with spaceships and whatnot to lure them into buying your cereal box. Taking care of the colours is an important step. Ensure you are using the colours children like and avoid dull colours because they are always looking for fun and vibrant ones.

Helps In Building Brand Awareness

Customisation means you can create a personal look for your cereal boxes. Buying the same boxes for your cereal as many other brands might be monotonous and have no personal touch. But when you decide to go for customise cereal boxes, you decide to add a personal touch to the packaging. Do you want customers to recognise your brand when they enter a retail shop? Well then, you must go for customise cereal boxes.

Not only can you use an attractive logo, but you can also go for some specific colour that will be identified as your brand’s unique colour from then onwards. It can be red, white or even purple. Having a personal colour doesn’t mean using only that colour in packaging. It means that whatever colour you use, there is always that one colour on the packaging.

Another way to build brand awareness through packaging is finishing codes on your box. You may use embossing or debossing on your boxes for your logo, or you may always use a glossy or matte look. It all depends on what style you are thinking of using to create a personal touch.

Gets More Attention

There are dozens of cereal boxes on the shelf, but still, you go with the one that looks better and sturdy. Why? Because all of us are moved by the way something appears, no matter how much it is asked to not judge a book by its cover. That’s true for packaging as well. Most customers love to judge a cereal by its box. Therefore, you need to be careful while choosing the box.

Using bright colours might help get people’s attention, but you must also keep one thing in mind: not go overboard with anything. Do not use too many flashy colours, always use colour to even down the tone and overall look of the box. You can also search online for the trending colours these days.

Helps With Repeated Purchases

Once a customer has built enough trust in your packaging, you know they will be coming back. How to gain that trust? You may use sturdy packaging with better printing techniques and designs to engage customers.

Using better qualities, be it in packaging type or the printing style, will help you with repeated purchases. Do not think your customer is not aware of these things. This is the world of technology, and people sometimes are well aware of a specific type of ink or printing style. Ensure the best possible options are available so that you can win their trust and have repeated purchases from them.

Merges Functionality With Practicality

Do you know many people reuse their packaging for other purposes? So what if you provide them with sturdy packaging so that it helps them in keeping whatever they want? This is where you merge functionality and practicality in your packaging.

Reusable packaging allows customers to pick your brand each time they run out of cereal. And why not? Nobody minds a spare box to work as a spice box or snacks box in the kitchen cabinet.

Liberty For Sustainability

Customising options allow you to choose each and everything. From the box type to the minor detailing on your packaging, everything is in your hand with customisation. Therefore, while going for custom cereal boxes, you can also choose sustainability.

How does it feel to free two birds with one key? It most definitely feels liberating. You can do the same by choosing eco-friendly packaging.

The boxes are eco-friendly but do you know you can avoid plastic to pack your cereal? Use paper bags instead of plastic or greaseproof paper to be a trustworthy brand for taking care of the ecology.

You can also avoid using petroleum-based ink if you look forward to absolute eco-friendliness. Soy-based ink is one of the best solutions because it never proves to be an obstacle to the decomposition of the box and is also not harmful. However, another advantage of soy-based ink is the sharp images and colours it produces. If anything, using soy-based ink is a win-win situation.

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Helps In Saving Money

When you customise packaging, you can avoid many unnecessary things to save your budget. You can choose the box type, and you can also take a look at what kind of printing you need.

There are always dozens of options in each category, and you can see which has better performance and affordable rates. Avoiding unnecessary things will also help you in saving tons.

You can also save money by contacting a good packaging company. There are many companies out there, but choosing the one that provides you with reasonable rates with better quality might require some searching.

Some packaging companies also work as wholesalers, willing to provide you with these customised cereal boxes at better rates.

Summarising The Above Discussion

You can unlock the door of desired sales with customise cereal boxes. Using this customisation option will not only help you with the sales, but it will also help you in saving money. You can have the liberty of adding a personal touch to these boxes.  So, what’s stopping you from creating your custom cereal boxes? Claim the customer’s hearts today!

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