Targeted Audio Ads

Crafting Targeted Audio Ads for Co-Listeners: Brand Strategies

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Targeted Audio Ads

Strategies for Tailoring Audio Ads to Reach Co-Listeners

A study with Spotify and Magna found that most people listen to digital music with friends at least once weekly.


Many people don’t listen to their music or podcasts through headphones that block out noise on subways to cut out the noise of mariachi bands at the wheel of their automobiles. Many listeners enjoy audio together, also known as “co-listen.”

It’s “pretty pervasive” these days, according to Jon Gibs, global director and chief data scientist of Spotify Advertising, which recently collaborated with Magna’s Media Trials research unit to carry out the study that is titled “The Togetherness Effect: Why Brands Should Be Paying Attention to Co-Listening.”



Three-quarters (74 percent) of those polled said they listen to digital audio with others at least once per week. The majority of Gen Zers (86 percent) also agreed. The study also showed that listeners tend to be positive and that these positive feelings can be carried into their impressions of specific ads if adequately targeted.


Technique: Companies called an audience of digital audio listeners – about half co-listeners and half listeners. They randomly played with either a test or a control ad as they listened to approximately thirty minutes of digital audio. Respondents were then required to fill out a questionnaire about their co-listening habits and their opinions on ads and other metrics related to the brand.

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The impact of the audio ads: 

Co-listeners received “storytelling” and “product-focused” advertisements. The ads that told stories were more effective as the study revealed that they were over-indexed compared to the product ads when the respondents were asked if the advertisement attracted their attention, was something they could relate to, and improved their impression about the company.

Focusing: The study revealed that these are the most popular times to listen to others, such as relaxing, socialising with friends, cooking, entertaining children, and practising yoga.


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