Enhancing Listening with Creative Audio Ads

Enhancing Listening with Creative Audio Ads

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Enhancing Listening with Creative Audio Ads

Audio Ads: In the streaming context, music creates an intimate connection between users and their content.


What’s the connection between weekend road excursions and chores on the weekend? The music we listen to or the audio that keeps us engaged. In a world where streaming is prevalent, music can create a strong relationship between listeners and the media they consume. Therefore, for companies, audio catalyses an authentic engagement beyond just advertising and is a part of the conversation at a deeper level. Here’s how.

You must be in the right place at the right place at the right moment.


Audio streaming transcends entertainment. It’s a great way to connect with listeners as they get lost in the song and podcast they’re listening to. What’s the benefit for companies? Advertisers who can tap into this connection properly will benefit from the emotional power of audio that can influence the thoughts and emotions of those at the time.


For example, Adidas could advertise on a playlist of runners to interact with listeners during the run and encourage them to keep going while explaining how the Ultraboost comes with new features that will help them increase their performance or even surpass their performance.


Make sure it is relevant to the Zs.

The audio format’s ease of use and flexibility has made it a part of people’s everyday lives, notably the digital-first generation. In a period where many people feel there are excessive visual stimuli, podcasts and audiobooks have swiftly become popular.


Instead of a general ad mailed to everyone, an e-commerce company such as Flipkart could market specific items to certain segments of the population, such as the latest release of games for gamers or the season’s most popular lipstick colours to those who love beauty. It’s possible to make this happen when a player is playing on a PS or when a beauty specialist is rocking on the”#GRWM (Get Prepared With Me) playlist.

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Engage in an immersive storytelling experience.

Audio is a highly stimulating ‘theatre for the mind’ medium, where music, sound effects and voices produce an immersive experience. It can create a mood that exudes tension or suspense or bring the listener into the perspective of a relaxed, cheerful mood. It can also trigger feelings or bring back memories.

It’s an excellent tool for banks to tell compelling audio-based stories, whether about bank accounts specifically designed for entrepreneurs just starting their first venture or for insurance plans for parents just beginning their first family.

Audio is a great medium to explore combined media strategies and is the key to providing an enjoyable audio experience with an action strategy. Brands should think about collaborating and creative firms to break the code and create audio messages that draw attention and give listeners the experience they want excitement, surprise and emotion with every word – all of which enhances the experience of listening.


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