Empowering Audio Branding with Data for Branded Podcast Success

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Success in Audio Branding

Boosting Brands with Data-Driven Success in Audio Branding

NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE)— Veritonic is the market’s most renowned platform for complete audio analytics and research, today revealed it can offer brands an unmatched level of data and analysis that is carefully designed to assist in the creation and optimization of brand-specific podcast initiatives.


An AI-powered Creative Measurement solution within the Veritonic platform offers brands powerful pre-market insights that dig deep into emotional resonance, retention, and engagement with your audio-based content. With this data, brands can enhance their content to ensure maximum impact and ensure that each element of their podcast that they brand captures the attention and affection of the people they are targeting.


Additionally, Veritonic’s Competitive Intelligence service gives brands access to abundant information about their rivals’ audio advertisements distribution channels, their frequency, and responses from the audience. This detailed and exclusive data gives brands the essential equipment to make their mark from the noise. It allows them to craft ads that draw viewers’ attention and resonate to an incredible degree with their intended audience.

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When it comes to the measurement of performance, Veritonic’s built-for audio Brand Lift and Attribution solutions enable brands to determine whether the advertisements they’re employing to promote their podcasts have a significant impact on the reach and number of impressions and also whether their CTAs have resulted with URL clicks, the share of show and social media followers and much more.

“Branded podcasts are a highly efficient tool for telling the story of a brand and extending the reach of its message,” said Scott Simonelli, the director of Veritonic. “Similar to the design and optimising of audio logos, audio ads, and podcast advertising, data must be the basis of any decision brands make around their podcast, from concept to promotion and everything between. We’re committed to continually developing our platform and the information it provides to help companies to make better-informed choices across all formats and channels which use audio and increase their return on investment.”

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