Android users will soon be able to utilise ChatGPT.

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Since its inception, ChatGPT from OpenAI ChatGPT has been getting attention for its amazing usage cases. It was initially launched in November 2022. ChatGPT’s mobile application was released in May of this year with a separate iOS application.

The iOS application was met with overwhelming support. For all Android users who feel left out, There’s good news. OpenAI has declared it is now fully compatible with an Android version of the most well-known creation. The coming Android version of this application will be available to millions of users who are first-time users across the globe.

The AI powerhouse has taken to its official Twitter account to announce the huge announcement. OpenAI announced that the application will be available to Android Users in the coming week. Those interested can pre-order it through the Google Play Store beginning today.

It is expected that the Android version of the app will bring the most recent OpenAI innovations to millions of users across the globe. The app is cost-free, and According to OpenAI, it can sync history across all devices. Additionally, it brings the most recent improvements from OpenAI.

While launching an iOS application, OpenAI informed us that it worked on the Android version and that users may see it soon. In the most recent update, ChatGPT has been added to the ranks of AI applications with iOS and Android versions catering to mobile users. Another option can be found in Microsoft Bing, which includes iOS and Android versions.

ChatGPT witnessed rapid growth in popularity following its initial launch. ChatGPT became the fastest application to achieve 100 million users in only four months since its introduction. It surpassed Facebook, Snapchat, and Myspace, which took almost four years to achieve the same number. In the last several months, ChatGPT has been based on the OpenAI GPT3.5 and GPT-4 big language models and has become the preferred choice for millions of professionals across the globe. From offering human-like responses to generating codes, ChatGPT is seen as an important step in AI.

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