Apple Integrates ChatGPT into iOS Without Paying OpenAI: Report

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Apple and OpenAI do not plan on exchanging money as the focus will instead be on expanding exposure and integration of ChatGPT within Apple’s ecosystem.

Apple unveiled plans this week at WWDC to incorporate OpenAI ChatGPT into iOS 18 on iPhone, but details on this collaboration were kept under wraps; however, news reports provided some insight. According to Bloomberg’s account of their partnership, neither party is paying each other in exchange for this work; Bloomberg even added that initial revenue forecasts from either partnership should not exceed expectations in either instance; neither OpenAI or Apple expect exchange any funds as the main goal here is exposure and integration of ChatGPT into Apple’s ecosystem.

Apple believes integrating ChatGPT into iOS 18 will give OpenAI’s technology an enormous boost, reaching millions of people through Siri and other new writing tools that contain ChatGPT – more valuable than direct financial compensation, according to sources within Bloomberg’s knowledge. Apple values promotional opportunities equally or even more highly than cash compensation, they noted.

Apple intends to establish revenue-sharing agreements with AI firms in the near future.

Apple-OpenAI Deal For Apple users, integration of ChatGPT will be both free and optional in iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia; subscribers to ChatGPT Plus will have access to additional features when logging in their accounts.

“Apple and OpenAI are prioritizing exposure and ecosystem integration over immediate revenue in their groundbreaking collaboration to embed ChatGPT into iOS 18, offering users a unique, free experience.”- Sarvaguide

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