Type Beauty Inc. Brings Personalized Skincare to India

Type Beauty Revolutionizes Makeup with Personalized Approach for Indian Skin

Type Beauty Inc. is a pioneering brand in the beauty industry. Its innovative formulations are dermatologically tested and designed for Indian skin types. Type Beauty Inc.’s extensive foundation range has 24 shades and four variants for each skin tone and type. The achievement is a milestone in the Indian beauty market, and highlights Type’s commitment towards inclusivity and intelligent solutions.

Type Beauty Inc. celebrated their second anniversary on May 27, 2024. They have offered up to 60% off the entire site until midnight. This is a great opportunity to discover its revolutionary makeup line. They are also hosting a special makeover event on May 30 at Miss Margarita from 7:30pm onwards. Attendees can receive professional makeovers from Type Beauty Inc. experts.

Type Beauty Inc. products are carefully crafted using beneficial ingredients such as collagen, peptides and amino acids. They also contain zinc, vitamins, and zinc phosphate. These semi-customizable skin care products were developed by a team consisting of dermatologists and chemists to address the common skin problems faced by Indian women.

The company’s sales have grown by 30 percent since its founding. Type Beauty Inc. now has a wider audience to reach. It is available on trusted online marketplaces like Nykaa. Kindlife. Vanity Wagon. Glow by Tressmart. Amazon. Flipkart. Meolla. The brand expects to see a 30% increase in sales this year due to the growing demand for skin-centric products among consumers, especially educated 20-30-year-olds. Type Beauty Inc. plans to expand its international presence by the end this year.

Ananya Kapur (Founder of Type Beauty Inc) stated: “I am overwhelmed by the love and responses we received over the last two years. We have received many testimonials from customers who tried our products and saw the results we hoped to achieve. From my kitchen to the lab, the products the brand created were dedicated to solving skin issues that Indian women face. We can’t wait to hear that they have worked for different Indian skin types.”

Type Beauty Inc. has revolutionised the makeup industry with their innovative approach. The brand tailors its products to the skin type of each customer and adds skincare benefits to every formula. This ensures that makeup is not only nourishing but also enhances skin tone. It is committed to creating vegan and cruelty-free products that are expertly formulated.

Testimonial 1:

“Finally, a foundation that matches my skin tone perfectly! I’ve always struggled to find shades that didn’t look too yellow or too pink. It’s range is incredible, and the formula feels so lightweight and hydrating.” – Sarah M., Mumbai

Testimonial 2:

“Since using Type Beauty’s products, my skin has never looked better. The ingredients are high quality and really make a difference. I love that they’re also cruelty-free and vegan.” – Priya S., Delhi

Testimonial 3:

“I attended the Type Beauty makeover event at Miss Margarita and it was amazing! The experts were so knowledgeable and helped me create a look that perfectly complemented my features. I can’t wait to try more of their products.” – Aarti K., Bangalore

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