Barbie Movie Reviews – Margot Robbie is fanciful

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Barbiw movie reviews
Margot Robbie in a still from Barbie. (Courtesy:YouTube)
Barbie movie rating

Margot Robbie, as well as Ryan Gosling, joyfully inhabit Greta Gerwig’s wild and raucous vision of the events that occur when a doll that is stereotypical experiences an existential crisis.

Barbie Movie Reviews

Movies must be entertaining and entertaining, as well as amaze us by bringing us to think about inquiries and effects as well as acting, writing, and sound. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has all this and more, providing a 114-minute thrilling ride with beautiful eye candy, striking costumes, amazing writing, stunning performances (take your bows, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling) and uplifting songs.

Sarvaguide Barbie movie rating:- 4/5 

Barbie (English)

Director: Greta Gerwig

The cast includes Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, Rhea Perlman, and Will Ferrell.

Running time Time: 114 minutes

Storyline: When the ideal doll begins showing human imperfections characteristics, such as being overweight and thinking of death, it’s time to pull out the huge pink guns

Barbie (Robbie) lives her ideal Barbie lifestyle in Barbie land, being with other Barbies and glaring at the love of her life Ken (Ryan Gosling), to make his life meaningful… until she’s not. The next day, she awakes to her feet touching the floor, igniting her breakfast waffle and then getting wet in the bathroom (it always seemed like water).

Although all the other Barbies can’t discover what’s going on with Stereotypical Barbie, They encourage her to consult with Weird Barbie (Kate McKinnon), who encourages her to travel to the real world and locate the child playing with her and whose feelings of despair and apathy are probably leaking into Barbie.

Barbie sets off for Los Angeles with Ken along for the ride. They both discover that the world is completely different from the one they imagined it would be. The real world is Gloria (America Ferrera), who works for Mattel, the company behind and develops the Barbie doll. Gloria is experiencing an internal issue, a feeling that she is not valued at work, and her daughter Sasha (Ariana Greenblatt) fights her constantly.

When the chief executive at Mattel (Will Ferrell) discovers that Barbie is in the real world, he tells his staff to find her and place Barbie in the ‘Box’. Filmmaker Greta Gerwig, who created the film with her co-writer Noah Baumbach, describes it as “anarchic in its approach, untamed, and humanist”. When paired with the “authentic fakeness” that musicals are known for, Barbie will be a sweet and empathetic celebration of growing up.

In Barbie’s pink and bubbly world, the path into the real world could be as wild as the imagination. It’s acceptable to create different versions of yourself with various careers, with the house one can visit and change costumes within the snap of an eye. It’s fine for all Kens to relax on the beach, despite being unable to surf or swim.

The various versions of Barbie, including the President Barbie (Issa Rae) and Dr Barbie (Hari Nef) and the physicist Barbie (Emma Mackey), and Mermaid Barbies (Dua Lipa), are based on real dolls. Barbie’s creator, Barbie doll Ruth Handler (Rhea Perlman), appears. When she states that “humans can only have one conclusion. Ideas last forever,” it prompts Barbie to wish to be the person who has the thoughts and not be an invention of a person’s imagination. Helen Mirren lends gravitas and fun to the story as the voice of the narration.

The costumes (Jacqueline Durran) are jolly and, as is the music, which includes songs from Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, PinkPantheress, Tame Impala, as well as Ryan Gosling and Dua Lipa from the ensemble. Barbie, The doll not in the film, is full of contradictions. Gerwig did an excellent job of giving those paradoxes the most dazzling, sparkling and warmest image.

Barbie is currently in theatres.

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