One Piece Episode 1071: Luffy’s Outrageous Gear 5 Unleashed

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One Piece Episode 1071- Luffy's Outrageous Gear 5 Unleashed

Episode 1071 from ONE PIECE launched today, and it met the hysterical expectations set with the teasers for spoilers that were released in the beginning from Luffy’s Gear 5, which already was a massive hit with manga fans. Without a moment’s delay, the episode showed Luffy’s transformation. Mayumi Tanaka’s performance was flawless as Luffy, the Straw Hat captain, wondered why Luffy could stand up in the fight despite losing. However, he quickly accepts the new circumstances and realizes he has much more freedom.


Then, we hear the Five Elders discussing their decision to halt the battle between Kaido Luffy and Kaido. Luffy. They all agree that stopping the possibility of Gum Gum Fruit awakening was a good decision. It’s revealed that the true name of Luffy’s fruit was The Zoan, Human-Human Fruit Mythical Type Model Nika. They’ve been trying to locate it for more than 800 hundred years, and it has eluded them like it was an independent mind. It’s based on the Warrior of Liberation, the Sun God Nika, and provides the user with an embodied body that shares similar properties to rubber. It is said to have the most absurd power, and when it is awake, it gives the user more control and freedom. Luffy’s character is ideal to be a fruit (silly and free), and his World Government is about to be disappointed when they discover that they didn’t stop Luffy from waking his fruit.


While leaving behind Luffy and Kaido, We see the end of Hiyori and Orochi’s battle. Hiyori reveals that she’s Oden’s daughter and that she will not show mercy to one of the men responsible for most of her troubles. Despite Orochi appearing to be pathetic once more and begs forgiveness, we witness Hiyori’s emotional rage as her mask is removed. As a sign that she’s no longer hiding her emotions, she brings back memories of when Momonosuke finally found the courage to confront Kaido even though she was being held. The flashback seemed unneeded, and I thought it took too long to return to the central part. With Kanjuro returning and completing an unsure Orochi and Orochi, all that is left to fight is Luffy’s battle, and the following episodes will entirely focus on the fight.

Luffy 5th Gear
Luffy in a still from One Piece 1071. (Courtesy:YouTube)

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Returning to the top, we see Luffy enjoying his new appearance. Luffy says that his heartbeat is funny while he is constantly laughing. Utilizing his Conqueror’s Haki, he slashes people down below, causing Kaido to think about what is happening. Unable to think about it, Luffy begins using his bizarre fighting style and pulls the dragon upwards. The battle captures the cartoon look perfectly, with eyes and mouths all over the place and exaggerated expressions. The bumps or the stars Kaido received on his head, or his burning face after Luffy crushed the ground and caused it to bounce back with the Blast Breath, and there were plenty of Looney Tunes-like moments. This is the essence of Gear 5, and the episode introduced it with a beautiful style.

This was an introduction to Luffy’s new look. Kaido seems unfazed, and he praises Luffy for his life and regrets how the fight ended earlier. The character he played would not wish to lose as he won against Oden; however, this time, he’s ready to fight for his life. We get a fun sequence that officially showcases GEAR 5 and Luffy’s iconic pose in which he covers his eyes, laughing before they decide to end the fight on their own (and we hear the word “to be continued”).


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