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Sony is apparently working on enhancing reprojection for Playstation VR 2.

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Virtual Reality

Sony’s reprojection technology doubles frame rates in PSVR 2 but introduces blurriness. Sony, according to a developer, is working to improve its system.

Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village, and Gran Turismo use it. Reprojection is a rendering technique that creates artificial frames in order to increase frame rates from 60 Hz to 120 Hz without affecting performance.

Sony’s implementation of reprojection is not the best. Users have complained of blurriness and nausea when playing VR games that use reprojection. The lack of it is a major selling point for some VR games.

Game producer: PSVR 2 is only going to get better with the update

Hubris is a visually stunning PC VR game coming to PlayStation VR 2 in the next few days. It also uses reprojection. Koen van den Steen, the VR game producer, answered questions on Reddit from PSVR 2 users. He also let slip that Sony was working on an upgraded version of the rendering tech.

Koen writes: “I believe the PS VR 2 will get better and better as time goes on. A good example would be improvements in their reprojection system which they are currently working on.” Koen says that Hubris has reprojection artifacts, but you must know where to look.


PSVR 2 Hubris: Sharper than PC VR version

The PC VR version of PlayStation VR 2, released in late 2020, improved graphics, gameplay and quality. The 30-person team spent six months working on the port.

The resolution is sharper because we are able to upsample more due to the foveated rendering. All textures and so on will look better. The resolution will be much sharper than on desktop unless you have a high-end rig that can already super sample by x2 or even x3,” Koen writes in Reddit.

The PSVR 2 version also fixes some issues from the PC VR port, improves AI and adds a new soundtrack that matches the gameplay. Koen promises that the graphics will not lag behind titles such as Call of the Mountain.

The studio will not leave PC VR fans empty-handed, as it plans to release improvements for this version. This would retroactively upgrade this version.

The trailer for Hubris, shown above, will be available on the 22nd of June. Jan’s Hubris review will be revised if he has to make any changes in regard to the game mechanics.



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