Garmin introduces new adventure smartwatches with solar charging in India.

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The Fenix 7 Pro and Epix Pro series provide advanced features for training, such as the hill score, endurance score, maximum VO2, training load, and training status.

Garmin on Tuesday announced Fenix 7 Pro and Epix Pro series smartwatches in India designed for athletes and those who love adventure. The new watch has a built-in LED flashlight, An AMOLED-based display, and solar charging capabilities.

The Fenix 7 Pro series has a built-in LED flashlight and a solar charging lens. It can provide up to 37 days of battery time in smartwatch mode, with solar power charging. When you switch to expedition mode, it can last up to 139 days.

It is now available in Epix Pro and has also been updated. Epix Pro series now comes in three sizes, 42mm, 47mm, 51mm, and 42mm, with a MOLED display and battery life of up to 31 days with the 51mm model.

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The Fenix 7 Pro series has a fiber-reinforced polymer case with an aluminum bezel. The Epix Pro series is made of Sapphire along with Titanium. These watches have the highest quality military-grade thermal, shock, and waterproofing.

The smartwatches include preloaded sports like mountain biking, hiking, soccer, strength training, tennis, or basketball. They also provide activities like white-water rafting, motocross, and overlanding.

The Fenix 7 Pro and Epix Pro series feature advanced training features such as the hill score, endurance score and VO2 max training load, and training status. The latest series includes advanced wellness and health monitoring capabilities that include wrist-based Pulse Ox sensors, Body Battery energy monitoring, and advanced sleep monitoring.

These smartwatches also have customized training plans, in-real-time endurance information, wrist-based power for running, and pace monitoring.

The latest Garmin series is compatible with several satellite-based positioning systems and multi-band GPS to help with navigation and positioning.

They are preloaded with TopoActive maps and Trendline popular routing and course creation capabilities that allow users to discover new routes and remain on the right track while outdoors.

The Fenix 7 Pro series price starts at Rs1,00990, while that of the Epix Pro series starts at Rs1,11,990. Both ranges are available on Amazon and Garmin retailer stores of the brand.

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