Google Pixel 7a Review: The Best Value-for-Money Smartphone in 2023

Google Pixel 7a Review: The Best Value-for-Money Smartphone in 2023

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Google Pixel 7a Review: The Best Value-for-Money Smartphone in 2023

Google’s latest phone, the Pixel 7a, is an excellent phone with many features, particularly at its price of just Rs. 43999. Is this the right one to opt for in the middle-range segment filled with Android choices? Find out by reading our review.

Google surprised us last year when it introduced the Pixel 7 series with not only two models, the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro. It has recently added to the series its newest smartphone from the A-series, The Pixel 7a. Despite featuring top-of-the-line hardware, it is the cheapest model in the 7 series you can purchase today. With the promise of close to flagship performance, excellent cameras, and an unbeatable Android experience, will this Google Pixel 7a be able to convince buyers in the middle segment?

I had the pleasure of spending a few weeks using it, and despite being a mid-range phone can give the most expensive devices on the market a jog for their money. Here’s why

At first look, it appears virtually identical to its siblings. However, why repair what’s not broken? Only when we examine the device closely at it can we see the subtle distinctions. The Pixel 7a has the same visor made of metal across the back, home to dual cameras. However, the projection is more streamlined and thinner in this case. The device also has antenna bands across the entire side and back of the gadget. One thing that makes the Pixel 7a different from its predecessor, the Pixel 7, is that it is now equipped with a black plastic case instead of Gorilla Glass Victus like the Pixel 6a. The latter can easily scratch; however, putting it in cases could reduce the risk. It weighs less than the Pixel 7, and at 193 grams, it weighs about 20 pounds heavier than the Pixel 7 predecessor.

When it comes to color choices, You can choose Charcoal, Snow, and Sea. I’ve used the Snow version, which has a slightly blue hue.

Google Pixel 7a: Display

This is where the distinction between the high-end Pixel 7 and mid-range Pixel 7a begins to get thicker since you’ll get more extensive and more prominent bezels than the Pixel 7. It has a 6.1-inch FHD OLED panel at the front with a stunning 90Hz refresh rate. It is a refreshing change if you’re using the iPhone 14. 6.1-inch is a good size in terms of smartphone sizes. It’s smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S22, and you have ample display space to watch a lot of content. It’s also smaller than iPhone 14 Pro Max. iPhone 14 Pro Max is heavy and feels almost large at times. The display is HDR10-certified, and the color reproduction is accurate, particularly in normal mode.

However, an issue has affected the otherwise good experience using the Pixel 7a. Although the screen is sufficiently bright indoors, you must crank up to 70% to see outdoor content. It could be an issue with the software or your brightness control. However, it’s worth noting.

Google Pixel 7a: Performance

Surprisingly, the Pixel 7a is powered by the same Tensor G2 processor used in Pixel 7, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, and the high-end Pixel Fold. Although it’s less powerful than the Apple A16 Bionic or Snapdragon 8 Gen2, the Tensor G2 holds its own, and the Pixel 7a can handle most routine tasks. The RAM has increased to 8GB, making it in the same league as other smartphones in the Pixel 7 series. It would be a stretch to say that the absence of storage options can be evident here since only one choice of 128GB is available. With a camera as powerful as the Pixel 7a, users of the camera could have run out of space quite quickly.

After switching to iPhone some time ago, I’ve used a variety of Android phones, but I have yet to convince myself to go back to the iPhone until the Pixel 7a arrived. It’s the first Pixel I’ve used, and I’m impressed with the Pixel UI, which is built on the Android’s stock Android is smooth, responsive, and free of any bloatware. But there is an evident issue with calls as well as internet use. The frequency of calls drops more frequently than not, and you may encounter problems when surfing the web. This could be caused by using the Tensor G2 still sticking with the Samsung Exynos 5300 5G modem instead of the Qualcomm one, which is the standard for most phones today. It’s a pity, though.

While it’s not a gaming phone, it does offer excellent performance across all aspects. I was playing Call of Duty for about an hour in a row, and I didn’t notice any slowdown, although the phone can sometimes become quite hot. The phone is IP67 certified for dust and water resistance.

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Pixel 7a: Camera

It’s the top camera phone you can get at the cost you pay. That’s right, I said it. It’s better than its predecessor, the Pixel 7, due to a new camera with 64MP instead of a 50MP one, and it’s possible to think that way. However, that’s not the case. Pixel 7a’s Pixel 7 has a larger sensor that lets more light create more precise and accurate color images. The dual camera of Pixel 7a isn’t a problem in any way, and its 64MP Quad Bayer can stand up to the Pixel 7 in all circumstances. It needs to be equipped with the multi-directional PDAF and the laser autofocus available on Pixel 7. Pixel 7.

Pixel 7a Pixel 7a produces crisp, well-exposed photos with a dark tone. Portraits and indoor images contain plenty of detail and excellent color balance. Photography with low light has been one of the strengths of Pixel phones, and it’s the same with this phone. It’s as simple as turning off Night Sight and letting the magic occur. Similar to its sibling models, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7, too, Pixel 7 gets all the machine-learning features of the camera app, including Face Unblur and Photo Unblur, along with Magic Eraser.

The camera for selfies also receives an upgrade and a brand-new 13MP camera at the front and produces excellent pictures, even though it is struggling with low-light detail.

Pixel 7a Life of battery

For battery longevity, the Pixel 7a comes with a battery of 4385mAh. While it’s less than the battery that is 4410mAh in the 6a Pixel, it provides an extended battery life due to the higher efficiency of Tensor G2. Charge speed is set at 18W, and there’s no wireless charging, too, that can be used up to 7.5W. While this Pixel 7a isn’t a ‘battery monster,’ it got me through a day with moderate use, which included many calls and emails, music listening, and snapping pictures.

Pixel 7a: Verdict

At Rs. 43999, there’s plenty to choose from with the Google Pixel 7a. It has a sharp 6.1-inch FHD OLED display, a quick and effective Tensor G2 SoC, and two excellent cameras. Although there are some issues, like the phone getting hot and dropping calls, they aren’t enough to ruin the delightful Pixel experience you enjoy with its Pixel UI. The phone can last a day of moderate use, and the battery capacity is limited to 18W with wireless charging options.

Overall All in all, the Pixel 7a is the best mid-range phone you can purchase in the present.

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