Top 10 AI Companies for Your Career in India

Top 10 AI Companies for Your Career in India

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Top 10 AI Companies for Your Career in India

Do you want to start a new profession in AI? Find the top 10 innovative Indian companies that are changing industries by introducing cutting-edge technologies and giving you the chance to be involved in groundbreaking projects.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising businesses all over the world, and India is quickly emerging as a centre of genuine AI startups. These local companies are leading the use of AI across a variety of industries and are also creating a robust population of talent in the nation. In this article, we will discuss our top 10 AI startups creating waves in India and offer great opportunities to begin or further your career within AI.



Funding: $620.9M (+/-)

Glassdoor Rating: 3.9

Uniphore is an Indian company that integrates AI throughout all aspects of business processes, thereby making difficult tasks more manageable. Their multimodal machine learning enterprise-class algorithms and the data-driven platform combine the elements of video, voice texts, and data. Uniphore also utilizes Generative AI, Knowledge AI, Emotion AI, and workflow automation to serve as a reliable co-pilot for businesses. The combination of these advanced AI technologies catalyzes the creating of the most memorable experience for employees and customers.

Funding: $102.2M (+/-)

Glassdoor Rating: 3.8 is the non-code platform that blends Generative AI with Enterprise-level LLMs to increase conversation and voice automation by reducing the time from days down to minutes. Its unique DAP software is built upon a multi-LLM platform and continuously learns from billions of conversations to offer speed, scale, and precision. provides the Conversational Service Cloud that automates customer assistance, a Conversational Commerce Cloud that allows conversations in commerce, and the Conversational EX Cloud to enrich the user experience.



Funding: $74.7M (+/-)

Glassdoor Rating: 3.8

Razorpay Razorpay is an Indian company that is a financial Razorpay institution in business development. Their powerful payment gateway allows businesses to accept payment using a wide range of methods with industry-leading success rates as well as an excellent checkout experience. Simple integration, instant settlements starting from the first day, and detailed report writing provide a seamless payment experience.

Beyond payment, Razorpay helps businesses never have to run out of cash by automating payments to employees and vendors. By boosting the finance of business, Razorpay allows companies to concentrate on their core activities. As a leader in fintech, Razorpay is helping Indian companies grow by addressing their needs for payment and payback.

Funding: $60.3M (+/-)

Glassdoor Rating: 4.0

Qure AI is an Indian company that has earned acceptance as being among the most widely used medical AI companies. They are specialized in AI solutions for heart, lung neuro, and muscles and joints (MSK) diseases. offers a variety of products designed to enhance the diagnosis of medical conditions and provide patient care.

This includes:

  • Chest X-ray report

  • Cascades for TB Care

  • Lung Nodule Management

  • Stroke & TBI

  • MSK X-Ray Reporting

  • Heart Failure

By accelerating effectiveness and precision, is improving patient diagnosis while decreasing the cost of healthcare delivery.



Funding: $30.5M (+/-)

Glassdoor Rating: 4.4

Avaamo is an Indian company that has created an online Conversational AI platform that is powered by the most advanced developments of neural networks and speech synthesis as well as deep learning. Their technology lets enterprises automate customer interactions via text, voice, and other channels with incredible speed and precision. By integrating pre-built Enterprise connectors, conversation analytics, and fast implementation capabilities, Avaamo lets companies implement conversations-based AI projects in a matter of weeks.


Mad Street Den

Funding: $30M (+/-)

Glassdoor Rating: 4.2

Mad Street Den(r) has developed an enterprise AI platform named “,” which declares to be “The only AI stack you’ll ever require.” Their platform is focused on providing results for businesses and is focused on speedy deployment and high quality. Mad Street Den encourages businesses to abandon long AI transform plans and start using their platform today. They provide a zero-lag business AI platform that allows for rapid roll-offs that allow companies to show value within 30 days of gaining access to information.



Funding: $29.5M (+/-)

Glassdoor Rating: 3.4

Wysa is an Indian (Global) startup that offers a novel approach to supporting mental health. Their clinically validated AI technology offers immediate help as the initial step in treatment and is followed by personal coaching to those who require further assistance. This revolutionary method has already had an enormous impact, with more than half a billion AI chat conversations being conducted with more than 5 million people from 95 countries.


In response to increasing concerns regarding the mental health of employees, Wysa carried out extensive research across both the US, the UK, and its customer base, which revealed the need for prompt, unanonymous, continuous, and indefinite health care.

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Funding: $11.2M (+/-)

Glassdoor Rating: 3.5

Haptik is an Indian company that uses conversational AI to create lasting relationships with customers through the power of generative AI. Their platform provides support through cross-channel customer interactions, which allows customized marketing engagement and boosts sales to increase conversions. With a complete customer experience solution that is optimized for every stage, Haptik drives exponential value quickly. Its exclusive NLU sets the standard in delivering human-like interactions with the highest precision to minimize bots that fail. Modern technology for industry-specific NLP and ML provides high accuracy. AI-driven analytics provide real-time insight from data collected through conversation tools like Smart Funnels.

Funding: $10.6M (+/-)

Glassdoor Rating: 3.9 is a first-of-its-kind text-to-video generation that is powered by AI that is generative AI. Its software, Rephrase Studio, eliminates the complexity of making videos, allowing users to create professional-looking videos using a digital avatar within minutes. The three-step process includes selecting a digital avatar, inserting the desired message, and, finally, rendering the video. Making use of the capabilities of AI Rephrase transforms text into photorealistic videos in a single step. As a genuine Indian company, is transforming communication and creativity with its text-to-video platform that makes the production of entertaining video content simple and accessible to anyone.


Funding: $4.2M (+/-)

Glassdoor Rating: 4.6

Synapsica uses AI to transform spine reporting and radiology. Synapsica’s FDA-cleared solutions offer end-to-end visual, quantitative, and reports on the spine for MRIs and X-rays, as well as other imaging procedures. Synapsica’s AI assistants can automate repetitive tasks, standardize measurement, and create reports based on scientific evidence that increase radiologists’ efficiency and accuracy of reporting. This allows doctors to make an accurate diagnosis. With up to 99% accuracy, Synapsica’s algorithmic approach provides accurate, platform-independent reporting that incorporates automated quantification and predictive analytics to ensure reliable monitoring. As a cutting-edge Indian health tech company, Synapsica is enabling radiologists to report more cases efficiently and empowers physicians with comprehensive and illustrative analysis to improve the treatment of patients.


The rapid expansion in AI across India has led to numerous promising startups that are leading the way in providing new AI solutions to companies across the world. Companies such as Uniphore,, and Haptik are leading the way in conversational AI, and companies like, as well as Synapsica, are creating change in healthcare with AI-powered radiology and diagnostics. Companies such as Razorpay, along with Mad Street Den, are leading the way in implementing AI to improve the way businesses operate and improve their results.

With the latest technology and speedy launch capabilities, these companies provide exciting opportunities for working on a variety of exciting projects. Their positive working environment and emphasis on innovation make them highly sought-after AI employers. As India continues to accelerate its technological advancement, the startups are poised to disrupt the industry around the world while fostering top tech talent in the country.

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