HP OMEN 15 Review: Powerful Gaming Laptop.

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HP OMEN 15 Review

HP OMEN 15 Review

Moving around requires high-quality connectivity to play online games, and HP OMEN 15 is a great choice. HP OMEN 15 offers wireless connectivity using the most recent WiFi 6 standard and Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

The connectivity to wired networks is provided by four SuperSpeed USB Type A and Type-C connectors, which support five times the speed of 5Gbps for signalling data and an RJ-45 Ethernet networking connection.

The laptop can connect with HD external monitors via an HD Multimedia Interface (HDMI) Version 2.1 connector.

Gaming features

Your OMEN 15 laptop includes an access point to OMEN Gaming Hub. This one-stop shop gives all the features you require for gaming. You could even earn rewards when playing. It includes software enhancements as well as hardware controls, and live support.


  • The gaming hub offers users access to the Oasis feature, allowing users access to chat with 15 additional gamers with a low latency of thirty frames per second connectivity.

  • It lets you design personalised, shareable and saved colour lighting effects and synchronise them across your gaming devices.

  • It improves laptop performance by altering the processor’s power consumption and cooling settings.

  • It provides live laptop health indicators so that you can track and address concerns, such as excessive CPU or GPU temperatures, before they lead to problems with performance.

  • It also enhances network connectivity, prioritising game-related communication over other network functions with the fastest connection, reducing the possibility of lagging during gaming.

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Options for customisation

We have a selection of gaming devices that are fully compatible that you can add with your purchase of the HP OMEN 15 laptop or later on as an upgrade. These include curved and flat display monitors, mouse headphones, keyboards, microphones and speakers.


This HP OMEN review shows why this laptop is an excellent choice for gamers who want to play the latest games when they’re on the go. The HP OMEN 15 gaming laptop is a sleek, simple gaming machine that is strong enough to compete against the larger gaming systems on desktops and yet small enough to be easily carried to play wherever you want.

The top-performing AMD processor and stunning NVIDIA graphics card offer captivating visuals and a superior audio system that gives you an immersive gaming experience using the most up-to-date high-octane games.



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