iPhone 14 Review, Price and Full Specs India (2023)

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iPhone 14 worth it?

Like many Apple lovers, if you are eager to learn about the tech giant’s annual iPhone launch and launch, then you’re on the right website. Apple introduced the iPhone 14 towards the end of 2022. It was the successor to that of the iPhone 13 series.

Like many Apple enthusiasts, if you are eager to learn about the company’s annual iPhone launch If so, you’re on the right track. Apple released the iPhone 14 towards the end of 2022. It was the successor to that of the iPhone 13 series. If you’re wondering if this powerful phone is worth the price, look at this comprehensive review before deciding to buy.

iPhone 14 – Offer Price

The iPhone 14 launched in India in September 2022. If you’ve been waiting for more details about this phone, here is the time. Its iPhone 14 price in India is Rs.70,999, and it comes in various versions. Contrary to user expectations, however, this iPhone 14 does not bring the latest features to it. However, it delivers an impressive performance, which you will find out in the following article.



  • Although the design of the iPhone 14 is identical to iPhone 13, let us look at our brand-new readers by examining the particulars of the device. iPhone 14 sports a flat aluminium frame with a stunningly elegant design. When you are holding the phone, it doesn’t feel slippery and appears premium. Dimensions of this phone include 146.7 71.5 x 71.5 7.8mm. 7.8mm. It weighs 172 grams and is comfortable to hold within your palms.



  • The iPhone 14 features a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display with 1200 nits of brightness, which allows the display to be seen even in bright sunlight. The viewing experience with the iPhone 14 is pure joy due to HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The display on the phone is sharp, thanks to the 457 ppi of pixel density. One issue is the slow 60Hz refresh rate, like many other phones of this class have more frequent refresh rates.


  • There are two camera rears on the iPhone 14 with 12MP sensors. There are various options to look forward to on the camera, such as deep fusion and portrait mode, as well as burst mode and others. The phone features a larger sensor with more pixels, which will improve the quality of low-light images. Apple also launched Photonic Engine, which improves the quality of low-light photography and colour reproduction and reduces noise. The camera in front of the iPhone 14 is a 12MP TrueDepth which can take great selfies that are clear and on the spot. There is no colour processing that makes the photos look authentic.


Battery & Performance

  • The processor employed in iPhone 14 is the A15 Bionic which comes with a 5-core GPU that makes it extremely powerful to play games and multitask without delay. The greatest thing about iPhone 14 is that despite having it perform multiple tasks, it didn’t heat up. Therefore, if your smartphone uses a lot, it’s likely that the iPhone will be able to take it on.

  • iPhone 14 is based on iOS 16. iPhone 14 consists of iOS 16, which can be upgraded to iOS 16.5. Although iOS isn’t the most impressive, there are some improvements to locks, notifications management privacy settings, and messaging apps. In terms of battery life, we can say that the iPhone 14 delivers excellent performance thanks to its battery that lasts for a long time. It has a battery of 3297mAh and can charge at 50% in just 30 minutes. The phone will last up to 1.5 days for moderate to basic usage. Even when gaming heavily, its battery can be said to last between 16 and 17 hours.

Price & Variants

  • You can pick from three different models of the iPhone 14 at different prices. Its iPhone 14 price of 128GB is Rs. 70,999. iPhone 14 price of 256GB is Rs. 89,900. Then, there’s the option of 256GB, which can be bought for a higher price of Rs. 1,09,900.

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  • 6 GB RAM

  • Sharp display

  • Long battery life

  • Up to 6 meters

  • Ceramic shield to protect front glass

  • High-end speakers

  • iOS 16

  • Crash detection feature

  • Excellent camera

  • Satellite connectivity is required for SOS messages.



  • Low refresh rate

  • Small improvements contrasted to iPhone 13

  • The speed of charging is not what you would expect.


There is a difference between the version before and this version.

To make comparisons for comparison, we will take the iPhone 13 mini for comparison purposes to see how these two devices differ.


User Feedback

  • Very nice cameras.

  • Smooth performance

  • The most recent and helpful features

  • Fingerprint sensor missing

  • Internal redesigning of the repair process makes it easy.


Our expert’s product testing opinion

  • Despite having great features such as camera and battery performance, The iPhone 14 does not live up to the standards of upgrading established by Apple. It has the same design and display features as iPhone 13. iPhone 13. It also has a slow refresh rate that doesn’t meet other competitors’ standards.

  • iPhone 14 is a fantastic phone with high-quality cameras and seamless performance. It’s not the most significant change compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 13. If you’re a non-an iPhone user and are not a fan of the iPhone, this phone will impress you.


Who should purchase this?

  • People who use older versions of the iPhone

  • If you don’t face budgetary constraints

  • Do you want to change your Android device?


Friendly user feedback

  • “The iPhone 14 is an elegant phone that flows smoothly, with gorgeous cameras, a powerful processor and a long-lasting battery. However, it has limitations, like the lack of fast charging, a fingerprint sensor, and many more.”


What is included in the purchase of a phone

  • When you open the iPhone 14, you will not find a lot inside. It comes with the iPhone 14, a 1-millimetre USB Type C cable to charge and a tool to remove the SIM from your phone.

The price for iPhone 14 series model is

  • iPhone 14:128GB-Rs.70,999, 256GB – Rs.80,999 500GBand Rs. 1,00,999
  • iPhone 14 Plus: 128GB- Rs. 79,999, 256GB- Rs.92,990, 512GB-Rs. 1,09,999
  • iPhone 14 Pro – 128GBPrice: Rs. 1,19,999, 256GB- Rs.1,29,999, 512GB- Rs. 1,49,999, 1TB- Rs.1, 63, 990
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max- 128GB- Rs. 1,27 999. 256 GB- 1,43,990, 512GB- Rs. 1,69,900, 1TB-Rs. 1,72,990

Its Crash warning feature was announced during the introduction of the iPhone 14 series in September 2022. This feature is compatible with iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

With its amazing battery life, lightweight design, professional-grade photography and video features, groundbreaking safety capabilities such as Emergency SOS via satellite, and the complete range of iOS 16 features, the iPhone 14 becomes an ideal choice for people looking for a new iPhone.

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