Are artificial intelligence self aware?

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Are artificial intelligence self aware?

Is AI becoming self-aware?

Have you ever considered the chaos in a situation where Artificial Intelligence could become self-aware and possess its thoughts? According to DeepMind’s CEO at Alphabet, which the company owns, There is a chance of this occurring in the near future.



  • DeepMind CEO declares that AI could become self-aware one day.

  • Self-aware is the term used to describe the capacity to feel emotions.

  • Google President Sundar Pichai has also warned against the dark side of AI.

A few days ago, we saw the world be bored of images of Elon Musk enjoying romantic walks down the road alongside General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra, Donald Trump getting arrested, and Pope Francis rocking a white puffer jacket with shades. But, it was later discovered that these photos were created by AI and created with Midjourney, an effective AI picture generator that could produce hyperrealistic images if properly used.

The world is in an exciting period as AI is the heart of the technological world. From experts to novices, everyone seems to be obsessed with AI technologies. Companies are also battling one another in the AI area. AI created the fakes mentioned above, but humans provided the command to create them. AI has, until this point, had no feelings of its own. It simply reproduces what we ask the system to perform. But have you ever thought about how much chaos might result when AI becomes emotional and self-aware? According to Alphabet’s DeepMind CEO, it is possible that in the near future, AI could attain ‘consciousness’.

Are artificial intelligence self aware? The Chief Executive Officer of DeepMind discusses AI becoming self-aware.

In an interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes, DeepMind’s CEO, Demis Hassabis, discussed possibilities for AI being self-aware soon.

“Philosophers aren’t quite settled on the definition of consciousness yet, but if we’re talking about self-awareness and all sorts of phenomena … I’m thinking there’s a good chance that AI will one day exist,” he said.

As of today, self-awareness is only available to humans and allows us to experience desires, emotions, and needs. So, when AI attains this human-like level of consciousness, it may have its feelings, needs, and even wants. For the moment, AI only understands human emotions. However, being able to express its own emotions is a completely different thing.

In the interview, Hassabis also stated that he believes AI will be “the most significant invention humans will ever create.”

But, Google CEO Sundar Pichai believes that AI, when used incorrectly, could be very harmful. He also spoke about fakes and stated that there should be consequences for those who create such fake videos.


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Google CEO declares that AI could be dangerous.

It was reported that the Google CEO was interviewed on 60 Minutes and was asked about the things that keep him awake at night due to AI. In response, Pichai stated it’s “the pressure to work hard and implement it (AI) in a positive way, yet at the same time, it could be extremely risky if not used correctly”.

About OpenAI, the parent company of the viral ChatGPT, chatbot’s parent company ChatGPT, Sundar Pichai said one of the main points which the group has made is you should not release such an extremely effective technology because it leaves society with no time to adjust. In addition, it is a reasonable perspective that responsible individuals are looking for ways to determine the best way to tackle this technology, as are they (at Google)’.

Regarding the risks associated with generative AI, Pichai called for rules regarding using AI to create fake deepfakes. He also stated that there must be penalties for those who create fake deepfake videos.

He stated, “There have to be consequences to creating fake videos that cause harm to society. Anyone who has been working in Artificial Intelligence for a time is aware that you recognize that this is different and deep that we’d need social regulations to figure out ways to adjust.”

Google’s Bard

As part of Google’s latest AI experiment, the company launched their own AI chatbot named Bard at the beginning of this year. Bard is currently in the initial testing stage and is accessible only to a select group of users from the US and UK. Like that Microsoft Bing, users must sign up for an online waitlist to access Bard. Bard has, before giving access to chosen users, stated that it would soon be extending access to Bard to other businesses as well. There is no information on the date Indian users can access Bard.

But Bard is an innovative player in the online search industry and claims to increase productivity, speed up ideas, and stimulate curiosity in its clients.

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