Realme 11 Pro Review: Exploring Impressive Features

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Realme 11 Pro Review

Realme 11 Pro Review

Realme 11 Pro is yet another mid-priced flagship. It is a matter of whether it is worth it. In this Sarvaguide review, we’ll look at the phone’s capabilities. Will need to establish whether it can compete with other smartphones in the sub-30,000 rupees category.

Realme 11 Pro in a simple way

The company slapped a 30000 rupee price tag on the Realme 11 Pro on Amazon. It comes with 256GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM for this price. There are no options for additional configurations currently. The only choice that you can choose from is between boring shades of black or a striking golden shade.

While it’s true that the Realme 11 Pro is a top-quality, solid mid-range phone but the camera’s performance was disappointing. Photos on the stunning 120 Hz display look sharp and clear, but photos shot with the main camera of 100 MP didn’t impress, regardless of whether they were taken in daylight or at night. Beyond that, the massive camera’s design is designed to be awe-inspiring and shocking at first glance, more than any other thing. Aside from the depth sensor, which can be described as a trick than any other feature, the main camera is a stand-alone device.


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Realme 11 Pro Review: Design

Realme 11 Pro reminded us of the Samsung of old due to its curved display and slim screen. This is an excellent aspect because the phone has a premium appearance despite sporting an unfinished back. But, the absence of IP Certification is a detriment. With dimensions of 161.7 x 73.9 82.9 x 8.2 millimeters and a weight of 8.2 g, the Realme 11 Pro is also quite a big smartphone.


  • High-quality artistry.

  • Excellent tactile feedback for the buttons.

  • The vibration motor is higher than the average.


  • There is no IP certification.

  • Back of plastic.

  • A gimmick camera setup that has no practical benefit.

The black version from the Realme 11 Pro does carry an air of class. The gold option is too flashy for me; however, regardless of color, they come with the same top-quality construction. This was the initial thing that I saw when opening the box. Despite the extremely thin case, which measures only 8.2 millimeters and has rounded edges for the display, The phone didn’t appear fragil

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Realme 11 Pro Review: Display

The AMOLED screen of Realme 11 Pro measures an impressive 6.7 inches across the diagonal and boasts an impressive frequency of 120Hz. However, there is no option to adjust it by changing the settings apart from reducing it to a less archaic 60 Hz. So, the scrolling on this display will always be silky smooth, and the clarity level will also be maintained because of its 1080×2242 pixels resolution. A fingerprint sensor is directly embedded under the display, like the front-facing camera inside a notch that punches holes.


  • Bright and beautiful screen.

  • Smooth due to the 120 refresh rate of 120.

  • Crisp colors.


  • There is no LTPO and no adaptive rate of refresh.

  • Round corners are not the latest trend.

There’s not much to complain about with this Realme 11 Pro. I have also included the corners that are rounded as a criticism. Also, the display impressed me during everyday usage. It’s bright enough for content to be read in the bright sun. In addition, the smooth display and its sharpness are on the same level as flagship phones. The use of the 120-Hz AMOLED display is an absolute breakthrough.



Android 13 is the operating system of Realme 11 Pro. In addition, the company runs its own Android skin, Realme UI, which resembles the other BBK Android skins. There are a few advantages to this uniformity. However, the bloatware that comes pre-installed irritated me the most when setting up the phone.


  • Functional and beautiful Android skin.

  • Always-on Display by OxygenOS is integrated into this.


  • Pre-installed bloatware.

  • Just 2 Android updates and three years of updates for security.

I’ll be brief here since we already have told you everything you should know regarding Android 13 in a separate article. The Realme 11 Pro only stood apart from other Android 13 smartphones because of its Android skin. Realme UI version 4.0 in this instance.


Realme 11 Pro Review: Performance & Technology

Realme 11 Pro is powered by the Mediatek MT6877V Dimensity7050SoC produced with the 6-nm process. The SoC is paired with either 12 or 8 GB of RAM. It is possible to configure the internal storage capacity to 128GB, 256 GB, and 512GB capacity according to your requirements. The phone does not have a microSD card slot, a 3.5-millimeter jack, or a USB-C port, which plods through.


  • A smooth system operation.

  • Excellent gaming performance on mobile games.

  • No overheating issues.


  • Memory cannot be expanded.

  • A slow USB-C port.

The MediaTek Dimensity7050 SoC is an extremely high-performance chip used to power the Realme 11 Pro. The SoC will provide excellent performance for today’s mobile games and lets you play Android 13 smoothly via the 120 Hz display. In addition, Realme 11 Pro offers a significant power boost and should provide excellent performance and a longer time.


Realme 11 Pro Review: Camera

With a main camera with a 100 MP main camera, the Realme 11 Pro is ahead of other phones in its category in the megapixel race. But, as we discovered in our recent camera blind test of mid-range phones number of megapixels does not ensure good-quality photos. With only a single depth camera paired with the main camera, the flagship Realme device is quite rigid.


  • Sharpness and detail are excellent under bright lighting.


  • The photos look dull overall.

  • The camera is too rigid.

  • Poor quality of the picture at twilight and in the evening.

  • The lens has strong reflections due to light sources.

Realme 11 Pro is a perfect demonstration that having many megapixels doesn’t result in better quality images. This is because images captured by”the “main” camera have a low contrast even in perfect lighting conditions. They are rather washed-out hues, yet they still have an acceptable level of clarity at most. However, this is also the case as the amount of light is reduced, and we shoot photographs at dusk or night.


Battery and Quick Charging

The Realme 11 Pro has a capacity of 5,000 mAh that is rechargeable using the Oppo SuperVOOC technology. The company uses the 67 W charger, which guarantees an energy-saving 50% charge in only 12 minutes.


  • Solid quick-charging performance.

  • Large capacity battery.

  • The charger is within the packaging.


  • No wireless charging support.

While it is true that the 11 Pro measures only 8 millimeters, Realme installed a large 5,000 mAh battery. It was awe-inspiring with its longer battery duration of 16.5 hours when tested in the PCMark benchmark. This means that you’ll get a decent runtime for everyday use. You can utilize the phone for up to two days without resorting to a charging cable. The reality that Realme included cables and chargers inside the box is different in 2023. That is an advantage for me.



After a couple of days using Realme 11 Pro and a few days with Realme 11 Pro, Realme is only looking to wow customers in showrooms of electronic stores. On first look, the stunning display and the huge camera in the phone seem like something worth the money. The performance was also impressive when you took it out of the box, and your eyes were completely captivated by the 120 refresh rate display.


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